2018 SQL Judge Training 2/17/18 – Participants List

Our 2018 SQL Judge Training session is set for Saturday, February 17th, in Nashville. The day consists of listening and “calibration” at OmegaLab studio, practice scoring, and the Music of Journey at 8 PM with the Nashville Symphony and an A-Team rock band. Training is $100 and includes an amazing Symphony ticket, in the perfect SQL location, floor, center section, about 20 rows back. Contact the Commissioner to pre-pay and reserve your spot for the SQL Judge Training at mecacaraudio@comcast.net or just send $100 to that email address and note: SQL Judge Training.
MECA’s annual 3X Freezefest is the next day, Sunday, February 18th, and trainees will get the opportunity to judge and work with the Competitors.
SPL Judge Training is on-going, and Members are encouraged to work with their Judges to get training and help with contests.
Here is info on the Symphony program for 2/17/18:
Registered as of 11/28/17
Dan Arndt (PA)
Marsha Beeler (TN)
Sunil Boodram (FL)
Dominic Iraggi (TN)
Russell Jones (FL)
Amere Madison (OH)
Mike Madison (OH)
Mike Nicholls (CA)
Kim Orta (VA)
Neil Orta (VA)
Bill Pleasant (WA)
Allan Shaffer (TN)
Heather Shaffer (TN)
Sidney Wright (OH)

MECA @ Slammed Enuff & Turismo Drift – Coupon 11/18

MECA will be at the Nashville Fairgrounds on November 18 for the Slammed Enuff & Turismo Drift event.  We will offer Sound Pressure League contests and Dueling Demos.

We have a $10 discount on the Gate Fee, down to $15, with on-line pre-registration at:

http://turismodrift.com/tickets/ and use the Coupon Code:  meca

This is for all MECA competitors, pit crews, and families to use.

This discount will be available until 11/05.  After that, Gate Fee is $25.  Regular MECA 2X entry fees will be charged at the MECA judging area.

Thanks to organizers for including MECA in this event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/242770736236201


2017 Finals Wrap-up

MECA, the Mobile Electronics Competition Assocation, car audio club and contest organization, finished it’s 19th season with a bang and 1000’s of booms at the KY Expo Center in Louisville, KY the weekend of October 13-15th. MECA Finals, or officially World Finals Soundfest, was 1 of 3 organizations at the Car Audio Championship, which included IASCA and dB Drag Racing. 300+ vehicles comprised the event, with MECA judging 159 vehicles in SQL, SPL, MECA Kids, Ride The Light, and Show & Shine contests. This was the largest MECA Finals to date, and for the first time, SQL vehicles outnumbered SPL vehicles. This is a good sign that MECA’s efforts to preserve and invigorate Sound Quality League contests are bringing positive results.

VICE News, featured on HBO, sent Culture correspondant Dexter Thomas and a film crew to the event to cover the club’s event. Part of the story-line involves Best of Best of Show competitors Mike Flanagan (Team Linear Power/Sundown) from Byram, MS and Charles Haley (Team High Voltage/ST6/Hybrid Audio/Sundown/XS Power) from Knoxville, TN, as they complete the 5 contests required for BOBOS. The awards ceremony reveals the winner and reactions. Sound Quality League and Sound Pressure League visuals and dialog are top-notch, and fun to watch. The 5 minute segment aired Friday 10/20/17 and can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/converted96xj/videos/1095634653901006/

Judges for the event came from all corners of the USA:
Grace Hedrick – Head Judge, SC
Doug Brennaman, KY – Dueling Demos
Linda Kobayashi, CA
Richard Papasin, CA
Matt Roberts, SC
Geoff Schneider, OH
Heather Shaffer, TN
Vinny Taylor, TN
Rick Washabaugh, KY – Dueling Demos
Scott Welch, CA – Dueling Demos

Bud Ballinger -Head Judge, KY
Shannon Ballinger, KY
Sunil Boodram, FL
Stuart McNeal, LA
Thomas Reyes, FL
Allan Shaffer, TN

Contest highlights:
Mike Flanagan (Team Linear Power/Sundown), MS won the Best of Best of Show 7′ trophy for best overall performance in 3 SQL and 2 SPL contests. With a total of 501 points, and a margin of less than 1{1166b982ff5710c41c3679b1fec81940637d75705e07c6aba8a7dff60229a795} (4.5 points), he bested Charles Haley (Team High Voltage/ST6/Hybrid Audio/Sundown/XS Power), TN in the closest finish of any BOBOS competition.

Jeremy Kough (Team dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), KY was the Sound Pressure Best of Show in Modified 5, at the Headrest, with 167.24 dB.

Joseph Ault, Sr. (Team Bangin On A Budget), OH scored 171.91 dB for the highest Radical X score at the show. Joe added to his storied competition career in MECA SPL with 13 total World Championships.

Anthony Caldwell (Team XFL/Mechman/True Bass/XS Power), TN hit 138.3 dB, 6′ away from the passenger side, outside the vehicle, to win Park & Pound Best of Show.

Devin Crawford (Team High Voltage), TN won the SPL Best of Show with highest Sound Pressure and Park & Pound combined scores.

Robert Bess (Team Audio Specialists), KY had the highest SQ score, and wins the Culbertson Cup honor, and will have his name engraved on the Cup, signifying the Best Sounding Vehicle at Finals.

Robert Corwin (Team Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH won The Zenner, the SQL Best of Show, with highest overall score totaled from SQ, Install, and RTA Freq Out contests.

Brian Mitchell (Team Arc Audio), CA won the Install Best of Show 6.5′ trophy.

MECA State Champions certificates, 300+, were presented to MECA Members who earned their credentials in SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests. National Points Champions were presented with honorary plaques in 39 classes. John Hrabik from West Miflin, PA was the Grand National Points Champion. Adysen Kelley (Team High Voltage/O.S.C.) from Newport, TN was the MECA Kids Grand National Points Champion. Jamichael Smith (Team O.S.C.) from Oak Ridge, TN was the Show & Shine National Points Champion.

Fry’s Electronics, the 2017 Retail Member of the Year, was recognized and CA Event Coordinator Richard Papasin delivered the plaque in person to the CA based retail giant. All 30+ Fry’s Electronics stores are MECA Retail Members. MECA, as a trade association for the Mobile Electronics Industry, has 100+ USA Retail Members.

XS Power Batteries, the 2017 Manufacturer Member of the Year, was recognized as the most involved and supportive industry brand. This included Finals sponsorship, and the Title Sponsorship for all Tennessee MECA events. The 2018 Kick-off 2X event held at Finals was sponsored by XS Power, with 80+ vehicles, including many first-timers and new Members.

US Acoustics earned the 2017 12 Volt Industry Award for participation and support throughout the season. Mike Nicholls, company President, attended and competed at SBN in FL, all CA and NV events, and Finals to promote the brand and integrate with the MECA program.

MECA is looking forward to it’s 20th season, with 150+ USA and 40+ International events projected for 2018. Sound Quality League is growing and Sound Pressure League is louder than ever. The season begins with many charity events, mostly tied in with Toys 4 Tots programs before the holidays. The 2018 SQL and SPL Rule Books will be posted by Christmas, with no major changes anticipated, and mainly focused on clarity and consistency. All things MECA are at www.mecacaraudio.com and https://www.facebook.com/mecacaraudio/ with Instagram and Twitter, too. Contact the Commissioner at mecacaraudio@comcast.net to get information and scheduling updates.

Fry’s Electronics 2017 Retail Member of the Year

Thanks to Fry’s Electronics for their participation and support in their first year of MECA Membership.

They provided fun events in CA and NV, including the 3X Regional to end the season.  Our club is honored to have Fry’s Electronics on our Retail Member roster!

Accepting for Fry’s are Jeff Staat (Tech Team Director – right) and Rick Barajas (Tech Team District 2 Manager

Finals to include 2018 2X Kick-off SQL and SPL Contests

All welcome.

Members:  $25/class, Non-members $30/class

SPL Judging on Saturday after Finals Qualifying is complete, starting around 4 PM.  Awards Saturday night

SQL Judging both days, with Finals judging given priority.  Awards Sunday afternoon.

Pre-registration available in the MECA Shop at www.mecacaraudio.com

Questions or concerns?  Call 615-851-7428 or email mecacaraudio@comcast.net