Flop Box Show III this weekend

Bud and Shannon Ballinger are working with Team Flop Box to put on a great series of events, and this July 2nd show should be a big, fun show.

This is the only event this weekend, so try to make it a part of your festivities.

6 Events for the last weekend of June

We have 6 events this weekend, including the 2nd Annual Car Show & Sound Competition in W. Lafayette, IN for charity.  Make plans to visit one of our events if you haven’t done it yet.  You will like what you hear, and see!


Date(s) Name State
06/24 Car Wars II IN
06/24 Bangin’ On The Dashboard II TN
06/25 Grand Opening Car & Music Show FL
06/25 2nd Annual Car Show & Sound Competition IN
06/25 Shake The Lake I PA
06/25 SQOLOGY Driven Series II VA

7 Events This Weekend Coast-to-Coast

Our club is working this weekend to host some great events.  Thanks to the Retail Members who work with us to promote their businesses and our mobile electronics industry.  We appreciate the support and participation of our Manufacturer Members who work with us to provide and enhance our events.

Here’s what’s cookin’ this Saturday and Sunday, June 17th and 18th.



MECA @ Hot Import Nights in San Jose CA
06/17 772 Customs Father’s Day Showdown FL
06/17 DC’s River City Jam II IN
06/17 Mid-Atlantic Regional SC
06/17 4th Annual Fight Against Autism VA
06/17 Concert Car Showdown TX
06/18 Flop Box Show II IN

BIG Weekend with Slamology, Fry’s Loud & Proud, and 2 events in Louisiana

We have big events this weekend, and this really kicks of the summer season for our club and contests.

Slamology – 2X SQL Saturday only, and 3X SPL Saturday and Sunday, in Indianapolis, IN at the Lucus Oil Raceway, sponsored by Pioneer, B2 Audio, and Ohio Generator.

Rebbelion on the River – 1X Charity event with SPL in Baton Rouge, LA at Woodlawn High School.

Fry’s Loud & Proud – 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine in San Jose, CA

Slang Lyfe Sound-off – 2X SQL and SPL in Shreveport, LA at Rimtyme, and sponsored by Audio Anarchy and Ampere Audio.

Slamology day 2 – SPL over at 1 PM, and Dueling Demos @ 1 PM



6 Events This Weekend

We have 6 events this weekend, including 2 in Louisiana, north and south, on the same day.  The charity event in W. Lafayette, IN has been postponed due to expected bad weather.

Saturday 6/03
Krusin for Krismas in Winnfield LA, 1X SQL and SPL, hosted by Audio Anarchy

Aggieland V 3X SQL hosted at Mobile Toys, Inc. in College Station, TX

Crazy Ralph’s Crank-it-Up in Gonsales, LA, 2X SQL and SPL

Sunday 6/04
DAD’s Summer Show at the store in Louisville, KY with 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine

Country Slam II, hosted by Ware’s Car Audio, in Logan, OH at the High School with 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine

Smokies Spring Slam hosted by The Sound Factory in Knoxville, TN at the Advance Auto Parts store, with 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine




It’s midseason for the 2017 MECA Competition Season and MECA is busier than ever with several shows happening on the same weekends nationwide.  On the West coast, MECA California had three shows in the past month alone.  Those shows were NorCal Springfest in Concord, Relaxing in SoCal in Carson, and Fry’s Loud and Proud in San Marcos.

On April 23, 2017, Concord Car Stereo held it’s third MECA competition with a triple point event catering to Sound Quality and Show & Shine leagues. Competitors consisted of a mix of seasoned, returning, and new competitors from the local San Francisco Bay Area, Napa Valley, and Southern California.  First time competitors from the Autorama show in February also competed thereby showing solid signs of growing interest in sound quality and MECA events in California. Concord Car Stereo shop owner, Mike Bender, requested a triple point format for this show to provide competitors with three sound quality judges.  The judges were Scott Welch, Richard Papasin, and Linda Kobayashi.

On May 7, 2017 MECA California for the second year in a row participated in the yearly Relaxing in SoCal Car Show event with XS Power as the sponsor.

Massive also sponsored a raffle in honor of the late 2013 MECA Modified World Champion, John Fisher, who died earlier this year from cancer.  A fitting tribute and memorial to Fisher who was also last year’s Relaxing in SoCal Modified winner and Sound Quality Best of Show.  Massive headphones and hats were donated to the raffle with all money collected for the raffle donated to the American Cancer Society.

The day ended thunderously with rain soaking the MECA California tent station, but that did not hamper MECA heads from braving the sudden storm that passed through.   Todd Woodworth as the SQ judge continued through the storm to complete judging of all competing sound quality cars.  MECA competitors and spectators patiently waited through the rain and helped with holding down and the clean up of the drenched MECA station.  The dedication and character of the California car audio community is evident with how they came together to brave the storm and with the aftermath of the storm.

River Macomber, a well known active aftermarket enthusiast in Southern California, also competed in SPL at Relaxing in SoCal winning SPL Best of Show, Park & Pound Best of Show, and Sound Pressure Best of Show.

Two weeks later on May 21, 2017, Fry’s Electronics hosted and sponsored their second MECA event this year in San Marcos, California.  The first event was in March at the Las Vegas store location. Recall that all 34 stores in 9 states have signed on as MECA Retail Member.  Jeff Staat, Tech Team Director, and Rick Barajas, Tech Team District 2 Manager from the San Jose, California Headquarters office, have been working hard to bring MECA events and promotions to Fry’s parking lots.  Both were present at the San Marcos event overseeing the event to make sure it ran smoothly.  MECA California’s next event on June 11th at the San Jose store location in Northern California will be Fry’s third MECA event.  All three formats of MECA , SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine will be offered at the San Jose event.

Manufacturer member, Mike Nicholls, with US Acoustics also competed at both Concord and San Marcos events bringing home a big finish at the San Marcos show with MECA’s Best of Best of Show award.  US Acoustics is making the most of their MECA manufacturer membership with competition and exposure.

MECA California has a slew of shows for the remainder of the season.  Look for a show near you.  Hang out with other car audio enthusiasts.  Join in on the camaraderie and fun!


6/11/17 Fry’s Loud & Proud, San Jose, CA (2X)
6/17/17 Hot Import Nights, San Jose, CA (2X)
7/15/17 Rock-it at Chase Park 3, Moffett Field, CA (3X)
8/5/17 Marina Auto Stereo Showdown 2, Seaside, CA (2X)
8/XX/17 TBD (another 2X event in SoCal most likely)
9/9/17 SQology Vacaville, Vacaville, CA (2X)
9/XX/17 State Finals (TBD) (3X)

3 Fun Events This Weekend

The club has 3 events this Memorial Day Weekend 2017.

On Saturday May 27th we have 2X points  Slammin’ & Jammin’ in Sevierville, TN, an event MECA has been working with for many years.  It’s a crazy car show in the middle of a very cool place.  Traffic is a headache, so get in the gate early.

Just added to the schedule last week, we’ve been invited to the Shammedenuff event “Back to the Roots” on Saturday at Titan’s Stadium in Nashville  This is 1X SPL only, and MECA members who show their card at the gate pay only $10 gate fee, not $30.  1200 vehicles expected, and we’ll be there to introduce them to the TermLab meter, and our Sound Pressure and Park & Pound contests.

On Sunday, May 28th, Team Imperial hosts 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine in New Kensington, PA – Bring the Thunder II.  We’ve been doing shows there since last year, and want to thank Sodda Pop Kid for working with the town council and mayor to make this happen.

On Monday, we pause and give recognition and thanks to our military men and women, Veterans and 1st responders who watch out, and defend our nation.

MECA NW 1st Event for 2017

Thanks to Platinum Car & Marine Audio for hosting our 1st MECA NW event for 2017 at the Auburn, WA store.

Bill Pleasant will handle the MECA SQL judging.  Event Coordinator Steve McIntyre is unable to be at this event, due to prior commitment.  Steve is setting up events, mostly SQL, and SPL contests as they are requested.

It’s great to see MECA NW in action for 2017!

Slammedenuff Nashville Event 5/27/17

Thanks to Slammedenuff.com for getting in touch and inviting our club to their event, Back to the Roots, on Saturday, May 27th, at Titans Stadium, gate opens at 11 AM.

We’ll be offering 1X SPL contests only, 2 tests for $20, Park & Pound and Sound Pressure.  We’ll have medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and the SPL Best of Show trophy.

The Gate Fee for MECA competitors, family, and friends is discounted to $10 each.  You must show MECA card to get discount, and those in the vehicle with you also get the discount.

MECA will be looking at doing more events with Slammedenuff.com in different parts of the USA.

7 USA Events This Weekend

Lots of activity for our club this weekend.

Saturday, May 20th
Auburn, WA – Concert Car Showdown – 2X SQL only – Hosted by Platinum Car & Marine Audio
Rocky Mount, NC – Team #AINTLOUD Show I – 2X SQL and SPL – Hosted by NC #AINTLOUD
Dover, FL – Made of Steel (Day 1) – 3X SQL and SPL – Hosted by MECA FL

Sunday, May 21st
San Marcos, CA – Fry’s Loud & Proud – 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine – Hosted by Fry’s Electronics
Dover, FL – Made of Steel (Day 2) – 3X SQL and SPL – Hosted by MECA FL
Indianapolis, IN – Audio Outfitters Slam I – 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine – Hosted by Audio Outfitters
Rocky Mount, NC – Team #AINTLOUD Show II – 2X SQL and SPL – Hosted by NC #AINTLOUD
Lebanon, TN – Spring Fling – 2X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine – Hosted by MECA TN and Sponsored by XS Power & US Acoustics

Thanks to our Event Directors and Judges for doing the work needed to make these events happen!