2017 World Finals Soundfest Competitors List

The following Members are qualified and pre-registered for our 2017 World Finals Soundfest, to be held the weekend of October 13-15th in Louisville, KY.  All SQL and SPL Competitors for this event must be pre-registered.  There is no day of show registration for SQL and SPL contests.  Ride the Light and Show & Shine entries will be taken on Saturday.  Pre-registration deadline is October 7th.

Latest Update:  Vehicle Count:  29 —  September 23, 2017 5:00 PM

Sound Quality League

Sound Quality

Dan Arndt (Team Custom), PA
Greg Patrick, PA

Paul Adams (LexService/JT Audio/Zapco), CA
Joe Davis (SSQ/AP), OH
Daniel Erickson, IN

Modified Street
James Wardlow (Arc Audio), MS
Kara Zimmerman (Mobile Audio Plus/SSQ/Hybrid Audio), IL

Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
Adam Schlepphorst, IA
Vin Quach (Zapco), CA

Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Chris Lewis, TX
Ritch Schut, MN
Steve Weigner (SSQ), PA


Mike Allen (Audio Specialists), TN
Mark Brooks (Team Melodic), GA
Matt Hall, IL
Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA


Dan Arndt (Team Custom), PA

Paul Adams (LexService/JT Audio/Zapco), CA

Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
Vin Quach (Zapco), CA

Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA

RTA Freq Out
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA




Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Natan Budiono, MI
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Matt Hall, IL
Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL

Dueling Demos

Eric Halfacre (XFL/True Bass/XS Power), TN



Sound Pressure League

Sound Pressure

Street 1
Selena Ballinger (BOAB), KY

Street 2

Street 3

Street 4
Mike Astin (#AINTLOUD), IN

Trunk 1

Trunk 2

Modified Street 1
Robert Apple (WSF), TN
Eric Halfacre (XFL/True Bass/XS Power), TN

Modified Street 2

Modified Street 3

Modified Street 4

Modified 1
Charles Stroud (WSF/OH Generator), TN

Modified 2
Kevin Mayo (Imperial), PA

Modified 3

Modified 4
Dale Efaw (O.S.C.), TN

Modified 5
Chris Hansford (BOAB), KY


Radical X

Park & Pound

Robert Apple (WSF), TN

Eric Halfacre (XFL/True Bass/XS Power), TN
Charles Stroud (WSF/OH Generator), TN


Kevin Mayo (Imperial), PA






MK Dueling Demos

Ride The Light



Show & Shine

Import Mild

Import Wild

Domestic Mild

Domestic Wild

Truck Mild

Truck Wild




2017 Club Awards Voting Now Through 9/30/17

It’s time for MECA Members to vote for their favorites for 2017 Club Awards, to be presented at the World Finals Soundfest in Louisville, KY on October 14th.
Please copy and paste the list and vote, and send to mecacaraudio@comcast.net by September 30th.
Only MECA Members in good standing may vote.
Only votes sent in by email to mecacaraudio@comcast.net count.
These are Club Awards and are representative of the respect and honor that comes with participation and support.
MECAhead of the Year –
Competitor of the Year –
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award –
Retail Member of the Year –
SQL Rookie of the Year –
SPL Rookie of the Year –
2017 Distinguished Service Award –
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
Stinking Loud Award –
Neighborhood Nuisance Award –
Motormouth Award – 
Survivor Award –
Johnny Appleseed Award –
SPL Judge of the Year –
SQL Judge of the Year –
Event Director of the Year –
Team of the Year –
Loud Spouses –
SQL Spouses –
Judge Team of the Year –
MECA Spirit Award –
SPL Spirit Award –
Show & Shine Spirit Award –
Park & Pound Spirit Award –
Dueling Demos Spirit Award –
SQL Spirit Award –
Manufacturer of the Year –
Best Press Coverage Award –
Pioneer Award –
2017 Venue of the Year –
TCB (Takin’ Care of Business) Award –
12 Volt Industry Award –
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award –
Best Penmanship –
High School Student of the Year –

State & Regional Soundfests

It’s time for the State and Regional Soundfests, when we determine our State Champions. Now through October 1st, the last day to qualify for World Finals Soundfest in Louisville, KY on the weekend of October 14-15th.
Here’s what’s going on this weekend, coast to coast:

9/16 SQOLOGY Series Finale Bloomington, IL 2X
9/16 Sound Check Show III Lafayette, IN 2X
9/16 AZ/CA/NV – Tri-State Finals Prep Las Vegas, NV 2X
9/16 Rockin’ The Raceway Bristol, TN 2X
9/16 TX/OK Soundfest – Regional Finals Carrollton, TX 2X
9/17 AZ/CA/NV Soundfest – Tri-State Finals Las Vegas, NV 3X
9/17 PA Soundfest – State Finals Slippery Rock, PA 3X

Welcome Orion

Thanks to Edgar and the crew at MD Audio for bringing Team Orion to our MECA events!

Orion is an historical brand with decades of car audio high performance excellence.

Team Orion is huge and we look forward to hearing and seeing them in our lanes.

9 USA Events This Weekend

We have 9 events for SQL’ers, SPL’ers, and Show & Shiners going on this weekend coast to coast

Click on the name of the event to see the link and flier.

08/18 Sundown Show Warm-Up NC

08/19 Jammin For Jason LA

08/19 Sundown Audio Show NC

08/19 Red River SQL Series TX

08/19 Summer SQL Challenge WA

08/19 – 08/20 SQOLOGY Steel Valley  WV

08/20 Tune-up at LexService CA

08/20 Marion Sound Smackdown IN

08/20 Bass for Bowling Show TN

8 USA Shows This Weekend

The 1st weekend of August is jam-packed with MECA events.

The featured event of the week is in Mississippi at Linear Power headquarters, with SQL Judge Training on Saturday, and 3X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine on Sunday.  A portion of the Show & Shine entry fees will be donated to a local charity.

Click on the underlined show title, below, to see our club flier for the event.

08/05 Marina Auto Stereo Showdown CA

08/05 TIME2SHINE Car, Bike & Truck Show GA

08/05 SQOLOGY @ Mid Summer Mayhem IN

08/05 Phat Farm Show KY

08/05 Cougar Media Blitz II TN

08/05 Red River Series TX

08/06 Southern States Regional MS

08/06 Bring The Thunder IV PA

1 Canada and 5 USA Events This Weekend

It’s a busy weekend, with some big event planned.

Thanks to Steve McIntyre for promoting the club in the northwest, and now an event with SQL and Show & Shine in British Columbia with RPM Electronics.

Our annual summer regional 3X event in Tennessee, The Vinny, is on Sunday, and we share the Fairgrounds in Lebanon with the Import Alliance folks.  Partnering with IA will bring thousands of eyes and ears to witness our SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests.

Bud and Shannon have 2 events this weekend, 1 in Kentucky and 1 in Indiana.

Sidney and Team Imperial will be lay it down in Pennsylvania.

Sunil and crew are at a huge car show in Florida.

Here’s the info and links.

Date(s) Name State
07/22 3rd Annual Rollin Sound Car Show FL
07/22 Bluegrass State Jam II KY
07/23 RPM Show CD
07/23 Sound Check Show II IN
07/23 Bring The Thunder III PA
07/23 The Vinny TN