New MECA SQL CD – Completely Custom

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

MECA, the car audio club and sound-off sanctioning organization, is releasing it’s first independent Sound Quality League test CD to celebrate it’s 18th year. There are 17 music tracks from the Chesky Records catalog, and 4 specific test tracks (mono pick noise, stereo pink noise, zero-bit, and phase balance pulse test).

This is an official competition test source to be enjoyed and used by sound-off competitors to tune their systems, and judges for listening material for the Sound Quality contests. There are some tracks that are already included on the official MECA SQL list in the Rule Book, and some news tracks that are being added to the list.

The CD is dedicated to all audiophiles who spend hours listening and tuning their systems. These are high resolution recordings from one of the most prestigious music labels in the business. MECA members will contribute to “track notes” that will dissect the recordings, with focus on balanced tonality, realism, and staging characteristics. Those will be available on-line in the SQL section of the web site, along with quick reference sheets on classes and the score sheet.

MECA Retail Members will sell the CD’s for $20 at their stores, CD’s will be available at events and from the MECA Store at It will be available in late January.
Event and contest information inquiries should be directed to Commissioner Steve Stern at or 615-851-7428.

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