Freezefest – SPL Clamping 1st Time

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

It seems that all eyes and ears in the car audio world are focused on MECA‘s Freezefest 3X Regional event coming up on February 21st at the Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN.   MECA‘s Sound Pressure League, founded in 1999, will begin judging contests with the new TermLab Magnum clamp system to measure true power output to the subwoofer(s) in 2  bass/loud music contests.  There are  14 classes in the  Sound Pressure (at the headrest) contest, and 5 classes in the Park & Pound (outside, 6′ from passenger door) contests.  Combining with the subwoofer(s) cone surface area, the total number shows the audio system’s “potential to make bass”, the Pressure Class Number, which determines the brackets for classes in 4 fair divisions:  Street, Trunk, Modified Street, and Modified.

Much of the excitement being generated is by Retail Members who see more affordable systems being sold and used in competition, because of the fairness of the rules and method for putting the competitors in the classes.  For the Street 1 class, for example, a system that would max out the bracket would be 2 12″ woofers and 524 watts.  There are many very affordable amplifiers that can produce 500 watts, and 2 12’s is a very popular bass system.  As the potential goes up, the equipment needed to max out the brackets is still very affordable for the serious enthusiast of professional that wants to compete.  There are unlimited classes for the really huge installs, and the sky is the limit in those classes:  MS3, M5, X, and Park & Pound DB5.

The SPL Judge Team for Freezefest will be Ben Forman, Will Mantlo, Malani Puni, and Allan Shaffer, with Commissioner Stern overseeing the start-up of this new method of judging.

Freezefest is an annual event that also serves as an SQL Judge Training weekend, and 6 new judges are scheduled for comprehensive listening and scoring sessions to hone their skills.  Saturday is capped off with the best seats in the house for the Nashville Symphony concert.  Freezefest is on Sunday, and with good weather predicted, MECA is expecting 45 – 50 vehicles from IN, KY, AL, TN, MS, PA, and IL.



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