3X SQL & SPL at Lone Star Super Nationals 4/29 – 5/01

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

Join TX Event Director Dean Elzey and MECA Commissioner Steve Stern at this huge event at the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth.  This is a 3 day event with SQL judging on Saturday, April 30th, only.  The TermLab Magnum meter will be set up for SPL testing all 3 days:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

MECA SQL Judge training will also be offered on Friday evening, and SPL Judge training will be available Saturday and Sunday.

The club is experiencing a strong resurgence of interest and new Members, and Texas, and states west of the Mississippi River, are a big part of the growth.

Event Details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1496056490704039/



Thanks to Charlie and the Lone Star Super Nationals car/truck/motorcycle show for bringing MECA to the party!


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