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Many SQL competitors have been asking for more information and training for building and tuning their systems. Starting in May, we will offer a day focused on understanding what the judges are listening for and building and tuning high performance mobile audio systems. This is not SQL Judge Training, although we will go over a lot of information about the score sheet and scoring realities.
We will use the OmegaLab studio/venue as our base, and conduct training from 10 AM – 6 PM, with lunch provided. Those who would like to attend a live performance in Music City USA will be given some options, including purchasing Symphony tickets for Saturday night.
Projected price will be $175. We would like to have at least 10 participants at each training event.
We intend to have experienced successful credentialed trainers, who will be announced for each session.
We will try to tie these into bigger MECA shows when possible, for example, The Vinny and 3X regional events.
Please contact me at mecacaraudio@comcast.net to register and take care of the payment.
This is only for MECA members.
We want to help with understanding the many variables that must be considered and dealt with when designing a great sounding and great scoring SQL system.
Tentative dates:

June 18
July 23
August 14
September 24

The sessions are called Tuning for Success, and success means great sounding music.

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