Welcome Hybrid Audio Technologies

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

Hybrid Audio Technologies joins our list of 30+ Manufacturer Members for 2016, with support for events and Team Hybrid competitors. We appreciate the support and believe we will have a lot of participation, especially in our SQL contests.

Thanks to Klifton Keplinger, Vice President of Hybrid Audio Technologies for rejoining our club as an active Manufacturer Member.  Kilf says,  “Hybrid Audio Technologies is a Championship-winning speaker brand built upon the values and desires of enthusiasts and experts worldwide. Hybrid Audio is committed to the advancement of sound quality and sharing knowledge through competition and organized trainings. We are in the planning stages of collaborating to offer Hybrid Audio GP training events alongside MECA events, in order to to both increase the number of MECA events available for competitors, and to help provide the tools and support for them to Sound Better”.

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