We say goodbye to Chris Zenner

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

MECA and the car audio community lost a close friend and advocate on Saturday, and we are deeply saddened at the passing of Chris Zenner from Washington, PA.  Chris was a Charter Member and R&E Committee Member for our club and contest organization, and a huge voice for quality SQL and mobile music systems.  He was a gifted listener, tuner, and builder, with 25 years of car audio and live sound mixing experience.  He was a gifted singer and loved performing and sharing music, across all mediums.

It’s only been 2 days since he passed, and the messages prompting a “Zenner” award in MECA to honor his service and passion for the club and our events have been compelling.  We will institute the “Zenner SQL Best of Show” award at all events.  This is so fitting to honor Chris with Sound Quality, Install, and RTA Freq Out scores required to earn the award.  Chris loved music and was a Sound Quality fanatic.  He was a careful, creative, and top-notch Installer.  Chris’ uncanny ability to identify frequencies earned him the title of “The Human RTA”.  His status as tenured Judge, Event Director, and R&E Committee Member in MECA will be remembered each time we present the “Zenner SQL Best of Show” award our events.

Chris was one of the best friends any MECAhead could have, and many of us have been touched by his goodness, fairness, and friendliness.  Our love and thoughts go out to Darcy and his young ones, Evan and Erin, and the rest of his family.

Here’s a pic at the Chevrolet testing grounds outside of Detroit, MI in 2010, where Chris, Vinny Taylor, and Steve Stern were brought in to evaluate the new Cruze and Cadillac audio systems for the engineering staff.Chris Zenner in lab coat


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