5 weeks until Finals

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

The 2016 season ends 10/16/16 at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville with our World Finals Soundfest, part of the United Finals with IASCA and dB Drag Racing.
All MECA Members should review their results and points for the season to make sure they are correct.  When issues arise, please contact the Commissioner at mecacaraudio@comcast.net with details that will help resolve the problems.
We should have our Finals pre-registration process ready to use by 9/12/16.  Only pre-registered paid Members may compete at the Finals in SPL and SQL contests.  Pre-registration and payment must be complete by October 7th.
As in past years, we will have the same process for pre-reg.  We will have a link posted on the home page on our web site for Members to check in and confirm their eligibility, and then receive the invitation and pre-reg info and materials via email.  PayPal is the preferred on-line payment method, but Members may also send the pre-reg info and payment to:
MECA, Inc.
5308 Brick Church Pike
Goodlettsville, TN   37072-9014

League entry fee is $165.  For Sound Quality League, this includes Sound Quality, Install, and RTA Freq Out.  For those wanting to enter SQ2 classes, the entry fee is an additional $100, with only 2 contests needed to qualify..  For Sound Pressure League, the includes Sound Pressure, Park & Pound, and Dueling Demos classes.  Members must be qualified with 40 points for Sound Pressure and Park & Pound, and for Dueling Demos at least 2 events.  MECA Kids entry is $50 with adult entry.  BOBOS entry fee is $295.

Show & Shine competitors are not required to qualify or be MECA Members.  All are welcome to compete in Show & Shine:  cars, truck, motorcycles.

Ride The Light will be held Saturday starting at 8 PM in the parking lot, and entry fee is $75.

For Members who do not have email, please contact the office with your mailing address, and the Invitation and RSVP to pre-register will be sent via USPS.

Members should share this info, especially with Teammates, so that no one is left out of the event.

For questions, or concerns, please call the office 615-851-7428 to review.

Thanks to all our Competitors, Retail Members, and Manufacturer Members who support and participate in our programs and events.  We have a great show lined up for Louisville.



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