2017 Sound Pressure League Rules Update

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Happy Holidays to our Sound Pressure League competitors, fans, and fanatics!
The 2017 SPL Rule Book changes are listed below, along with a fact sheet to view and save for reference.
We’ll have the 2017 SPL Rule Book ready to post in a few days, but wanted to get the facts to you on what we have planned.
Thanks to our R&E Committee Members for reviewing and helping to refine the Rule Book, and thanks to the many members and non-members who offered input and advice.
If we discover any issues that need attention, we will make sure they are covered in the 2017 Rule Book.
The 2017 SPL Rule Book will be posted as soon as possible.
The list below outlines the changes for 2017:
– Stripper poles, internal bracing of that type, permitted in M5 only.
– In M5 only, windshield mods like Optik Armour and 2 windshields mounted together are ok, and must be DOT approved, and vision must not be impaired or compromised in any manner.
– 2 Radical X classes for exhibition only.  Awards only at 3X and Finals.  Fixed prices for entry fees for 1X $10 member, and 2X $15 member.  Clamped X class really in demand and looking at 0 -4000 called XTC (X w/The Clamp), and Radical X 4001+.  Still need 40 points to compete at Finals, and there are National Points Champs.  X classes do not count towards SPL Best of Show or BOBOS awards.
– Radical X must have sensor in front of B-pillar, and cannot be placed in port.  This has always been the spirit and intent of the rules.  Clarification.
– Changing Trunk 1 to 0 -3000, Trunk 2 3001 – 7500, over that goes to MS4.  Had many requests for lower class for Trunk, and this is a good compromise, giving a lower Pressure Class # to T1, and not changing the top value of the bracket for T2.  So, T2 is the same as 2016, and T1 for 2017 is more “affordable”, i.e. less power required.
– Modified Street expanded to 4 classes:  MS1 0 – 2000, MS2 2001 – 4000, MS3 4001 – 7500, MS4 7501+  This looks to be a growing and popular Division and we are planning for the future.
– Headrest rules have been removed in all Divisions.
– Modified Street box height determined by height from ceiling, all vehicles.   12″ from ceiling, measured at the center of the enclosure behind the B-pillars, or over the most forward woofer if speaker surround protrudes from top of box.  Rule is still anything attached to the enclosure is part of the enclosure.
– Park & Pound will allow any source for music tracks.  CD is NOT required.
Please see Sound Pressure League 1-sheet for reference:

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