2017 SQL Rule Book

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

As part of our 19th season Holiday celebration, please accept our gift to you, SQL competitors, followers, and fans, the 2017 SQL Rule Book.

Our Show & Shine and Dueling Demos contests rules included.

Please use this link to view and print out the 2017 SQL Rule Book:

The 2017 SQL Rule Book is the R&E Committee’s gift to you and the club, and followers and fans everywhere. The link on our web site will be: www.mecacaraudio.com/2017SQLrulebook.pdf and that should be working by this evening.
Changes are:
Install – Security section has been removed
Install sheet 5 points from Security have been moved to Creativity, for a possible 20 points.
Sound Quality – Stock allowed extra batteries, as long as the rest of the Stock rules are followed.
Sound Quality – “Once a Master, always a Master” has been removed and Master class may be reviewed and changed, as long as the rest of the rules are followed.
The Zenner Sound Quality League Best of Show award criteria have been detailed and clarified.
Dueling Demos has been moved from SPL to SQL. It is not a bass contest, but a loud music contest, and really, it’s the Sound Quality outside the vehicle challenge. Classes will follow SQL guidelines, with some allowance for SPL rules “blending”. Classes are basically the same, with Street being “upgraded” to Street+ to include vehicles from other SPL Divisions, not just Street, as long as they meet the rules for Street+.. Exterior speaker boxes are only permitted in Extreme, no longer in Modified.
We are still reviewing the RTA Freq Out source, looking at a new source for testing.
Show & Shine is included in the SQL Rule Book, and we may add some improvements and clarifications early in the year.
Sound Pressure League changes will be listed and posted tonight, as part of our Christmas, or Hanukkah, gifts to the club.
If we find any issues with the 2017 Rules as we present them, we will address them and adjust, clarify, or edit as necessary.
Thanks to everyone who gave input and helped to make this our best SQL Rule Book in club history – 19 years.

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