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For the last few months, I (the webmaster, Jason) have been working on building a new version of the Events Site for a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to move the site away from asp.net to something more open-source
  2. I wanted to make the site much faster
  3. I wanted to move to the technology stack I use (well, used to use before I got promoted) every day
  4. Because it needed it...

So today, I'm happy to share the new MECA Events site that is still very much in development, and very much in beta (which means stuff is probably broken, or doesn't act like it should). If you're game, go play with it at http://mecaevents.com.

What follows is nerd speak... If you don't care about nerd stuff, you can move on now.

For the nerds among you, the technology stack behind it has changed quite a bit.



Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
API Layer: ASP.NET WebAPI 2.0 (written in C#)
Front-End: DurandalJS 2.1 (with a number of helper libraries)

Database Host: WinHost
Web Host: Microsoft Azure Websites


Database: Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 (will eventually move to MariaDb, having some transformation issues)
API Layer: NodeJS -> Express 4 (with multiple supporting libraries, including Auth0)
Front-End: ReactJS (using Redux and multiple open-source components)

Database and Web Host: Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, soon Elasticache and Elastic Load Balancer)

So the new Events site is using much of the framework as companies like Netflix, Facebook and AirBnB. In my testing it's CONSIDERABLY faster, especially when loading results or events pages. The layouts can still get a little wonky on mobile devices, but the card view should be much easier to use now. In the future, I'll be adding the administration area for Event Admins to upload results. I plan on adding user accounts across the board that will allow you to login, tie your MECA member number to your email address, and have it build a dashboard of your results/events. This will all take time, and to be honest, I could use some help. So if there are any Node or React Gurus out there that want to help out, please drop me a line (riceboyler@gmail.com) and we can talk about where you can help.

One final note: while I am compensated by MECA for my work, it is anything but a full-time job, and it is literally a one-man show at this point. I'll get to things as quickly as I can, but I have a family, a full-time job and other volunteer responsibilities that often have to come first in my life. Please be patient and understanding of that. I still do this as a bit of a favor to my old friend Steve, and I still have lots of love for my MECA family from when I used to be an active judge. I'm tearing up now, so it's time to stop. 

Please feel free to send feedback to me if you run into big problems on the site. Again, it's not fully-baked by any means, but I wanted to share some of the new hotness. Thanks!

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