SBN31 The Start of Something BIG!

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

SBN31 at the Daytona International Speedway, home of NASCAR, was incredible and a glimpse into the morphing monster event that Spring Break Nationals will become to the car audio community.

Much gratitude to Paul Papadeas for commandeering a huge project that went so well.  Special thanks to Moe & Kim Sabourin from IASCA for their professional and friendly cooperation and “get ‘er done” mindsets.

Thanks to the MECA competitors who supported the event.  I hope you all feel the love that this event has for you, and I believe we are actually feeling a little love on this end. 🙂

Thanks to Judge Teams:
Grace Hedrick -Head Judge, Scorekeeper
Justin Polk – SQ, Install
Matt Roberts – SQ
Heather Shaffer – SQ

Bud Ballinger -Head Judge
Shannon Ballinger
Selena Sexton
Allan Shaffer

Thanks to new FL Judge Team really coming together in a good way, who trained and worked the lanes:  Sunil Boodram – Event Coordinator, and Thomas Reyes SPL, and for SQL Russell Jones.

Thanks to Beyma and Ohio Generator for helping with our awards, and to Manufacturer Members Arc Audio, Incriminator Audio, Metra, and US Acoustics who supported the event.

This article in tells the story, as well as it can be told.  Thanks to Mike at for great coverage and support!

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