Got160’s Demo Musik @ Mechman/XS Power Show 2017

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

Manufacturer Members Mechman Alternators and XS Power are teaming up for a huge show on Saturday, July 15th, at their facility in Knoxville, TN.   They share a parking lot that will be filled to the brim with SPL, SQL, Show & Shine, and demo vehicles.

They are working with Got160’s Demo Musik and Anthony Caldwell,  multi-titled MECA SPL World Champ and owner of Retail Member Extreme Car Audio.  Food vendors will be on site, part of a midway, with raffles and prize giveaways.

Along with MECA 2X double points SQL and SPL contests, the event will feature show vehicles in the Show & Shine contest.  Car clubs and competition teams have been invited to up the ante to a premium car show.  Motorcycle sound classes are also on the schedule, with head to head challenge matches where the cycle owners each play 1 minute of music, with winners determined by a panel of 3 sound quality judges.  The is the Dueling Demos contest, offered for all competitors willing to take the challenge.

Registration begins at 9 AM, and judging begins at 10 AM.  This is a great reason to visit Knoxville!

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