2018 SQL Judge Training 2/17/18 – Participants List

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Our 2018 SQL Judge Training session is set for Saturday, February 17th, in Nashville. The day consists of listening and “calibration” at OmegaLab studio, practice scoring, and the Music of Journey at 8 PM with the Nashville Symphony and an A-Team rock band. Training is $100 and includes an amazing Symphony ticket, in the perfect SQL location, floor, center section, about 20 rows back. Contact the Commissioner to pre-pay and reserve your spot for the SQL Judge Training at mecacaraudio@comcast.net or just send $100 to that email address and note: SQL Judge Training.
MECA’s annual 3X Freezefest is the next day, Sunday, February 18th, and trainees will get the opportunity to judge and work with the Competitors.
SPL Judge Training is on-going, and Members are encouraged to work with their Judges to get training and help with contests.
Here is info on the Symphony program for 2/17/18:
Registered as of 11/28/17
Marsha Beeler (TN)
Sunil Boodram (FL)

Anthony Davis (NC)

Dominic Iraggi (TN)
Russell Jones (FL)
Amere Madison (OH)
Mike Madison (OH)

Steve McIntyre (WA)

Mike Nicholls (CA)
Kim Orta (VA)
Neil Orta (VA)
Bill Pleasant (WA)
Allan Shaffer (TN)
Heather Shaffer (TN)
Sidney Wright (OH)

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