2018 Sound Pressure League Classes

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

After serious discussion and review, based on member feedback and suggestions, these are our 2018 Sound Pressure League Classes, listed below.
We left Street 1 -4 same as 2017, with the addition of Street 5 7501+ Unlimited.
Trunk systems T1 and T2 stay the same, and Trunk systems 4001 – 7500 may compete in Street 4, and Trunk 7501+ compete in Street 5. Depending on the installation and modifications, Trunk systems may also compete in MS3 or MS4, or Modified classes, and Radical X classes are also open to Trunk vehicles.
We all know that whatever we do will not be 100% welcomed or accepted by some competitors. R&E believes that we have a fair place to play for all systems (except pickup trucks with subwoofer box on front seat) for those willing to read the Rule Book and build to the rules. MECA’s SPL rules are unique to car audio sports and have paved the way for changes and improvements in the sport itself, historically, since 1999. This is our 20th season and our SPL program for serous competitors is the most fair and comprehensive we’ve offered.
The 2018 Rule Book text is being prepared and there are really no big changes there, or big surprises. We’ll try to have that ready in the next 2 weeks.
Any MECA Member whose sees changing classes as a necessity, and would like points transferred from early 2018 shows, should contact the Commissioner for review and update. If a member chooses to have points changed, they cannot ask to have the points changed again.
We will see how these classes work for 2018 and review again for 2019 One of the main considerations is number of competitors in each class at Finals. One sign that a class is working is when the class has 5 or more competitors entered at Finals.
Score sheets are at the printers and will be used at all future 2018 contests.
Thanks to everyone who provided input, and to our R&E members who did the work!

T1: 0-2000
T2: 2001- 4000

S1: 0-750
S2: 751-2000
S3: 2001-4000
S4: 4001-7500
S5 – 7501+ Unlimited

Modified Street
MS1: 0-2500
MS2: 2501-5000
MS3: 5001-10,000
MS4: 10,001+ Unlimited

M1: 0-1500
M2: 1501-3000
M3: 3001-6000
M4: 6001-10,000
M5: 10,001+ Unlimited

XTC: 0-4000
X: 4001+ Unlimited

Park & Pound
DB1: 0-1500
DB2: 1501-3000
DB3: 3001-6000
DB4: 6001-10,000
DB5: 10,001+ Unlimited


  1. I was really hoping for a smaller trunk class. I have guys at shows wanting to compete but will not run against a guy that can put out 4000w in the same class

  2. Rule changes shouldn’t take affect after current season has already started! I’m already almost qualified for worlds, and now with the power change, ill More than likely be in a different different class

  3. Like the wattage classes more fair and don’t have spend a fortune to do what we do to run and have fun but could use a 3rd trunk class next yr 4001-7500

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