2018 SQL Rule Book for review

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Please use the link to access and review the 2018 SQL Rule Book.  This is not set in stone, and we will wait a week to receive and review Member feedback, and we’ll edit any item than requires a change.


Our Rules & Ethics Committee did a great job responding to the issues presented to us after Finals.

Special thanks to Richard Papasin who formatted and edited the 2018 Rule Book as we made changes. Here is his summary of changes we made:

– 45 Points required for Finals qualification for each of these classes: 1-seat Sound Quality, Install, RTA Freq Out, and Dueling Demos
– For active military personnel, first responders, and for people with no shows within 250 miles of their home the points requirement is reduced to 30 points with Commissioner approval.
– 25 Points required for Finals qualification for SQ2/SQ2+
– State Championship requirements are a total of 25 points at the conclusion of the State Finals event, with highest score in state at the event.
– Stock class: spare tire removal allowed and limit of 30mm/1.18” tweeters or smaller in non-factory locations with no build-outs (factory locations maintain same speaker or smaller requirements)
– Street class: Car PCs, hi-res players, tablets allowed as source units. A-pillar or sail panel modification allowed for single pair of 2” (51mm) speakers or smaller measured from the outer edge of the surround not to exceed 2” from original factory surface. Dash pods or modification of factory grills are not allowed
– Modified Street class: A-pillar or sail panel modification allowed for a pair of 2.5” (64mm) speakers or smaller measured from the outer edge of the surround AND optional pair of small format tweeters not to exceed 30mm (1.18”) – see rules for build out limits for both a-pillar/sail panel and dash pod build-outs. Kickpanels allowed to house up to 6.5” speakers, and factory grills can be modified
– Modified: 120VAC equipment now allowed, sail panel build outs are clarified, and 8” seat rail extensions allowed
– Modex: Sail panel build outs are clarified, Unlimited seat rail extensions allowed
– SQ Best of Show @ Finals: Culbertson Cup goes to best overall within Modified – Master, Alma Gates Cup for Stock – Modified Street
– Dueling Demos:
– Audio system must qualify for standard safety requirement of SQL format
– Street+: Only one pair of molded speakers (excluding tweeters) or dash pods above the dash (A-pillars).  All other speakers should be in factory locations.  No molded door speaker build-outs. Kick panels are ok so long as not vented to outside of vehicle.

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