2018 SPL Rule Book

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Our 2018 SPL Rule Book is ready for club review. We will give this a few days to be seen and read by the members, and if there are any issues, we will review them. So, for our SPL competitors, please take a few minutes to go over the Rule Book, especially for class(es) you are preparing to enter at our events.

The link for review is: https://tinyurl.com/2018MECASPLRulebook

Changes include clarifications and new text and rules. Here are the updates.
– Points required for Finals invite have been increased 5 points to 45 points. We have a new clause that allows for members who are challenged by geography to be considered for Finals participation, and also military and first responders are given due consideration because of limits their jobs have on travel and participation.
– Points required for State Championships have been increased 5 points to 25 points. To be State Champion, member must have 25 points at the end of the State or Regional Finals and have the highest score in the class in the state at that event.
– Street 5 unlimited class has been added.
– Pressure Class number brackets have been increased in all SPL Divisions except Street 1 – 4.
– MECA Kids MK1 and MK2 both are permitted to use 80 amp fuse.
– All sub-amp power wires must be clamped at 3X events and World Finals Soundfest. For 1X and 2X contests, with systems with multiple sub-amps, the Judge may select wire to clamp and use TermLab multiplier. This allowance will be removed in 2019. We are giving competitors time to adjust to the requirement for 3X events, and will clamp all power wires at all events in 2019.

Thanks to our R&E Committee members, especially Rick Washabaugh SPL Coordinator, and Richard Papasin who formatted the Rule Book and updated the text.

If you see any issues, please send your message to mecacaraudio@comcast.net and we’ll review.

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