These Manufacturer Members Are 2018 State Title Sponsors

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

We are working on the Event Schedule for the 2018 season and approximately 100+ more shows will be added to the list.
A new program for Manufacturer Members is working out, with State Title Sponsorships being offered for the season. So far, for 2018, these Manufacturer Members are on-board for these 6 statea:
Alabama – Incriminator Audio
California – US Acoustics
Mississippi – Linear Power
North Carolina – Sundown Audio
Ohio – KnuKonceptz
Tennessee – XS Power

The Title Sponsorship participation fee goes 100% to the Event Directors to help pay for awards. The Manufacturer Member will be listed on all fliers and awards as the State Title Sponsor.

This is the time of year when sponsorship agreements are renewed, and we expect some new, but familiar, names to be added to our list. We still have 44 more states available for Title Sponsorships. When Manufacturer Members get their dealers and Team involved with hosting shows, this all works toward more awareness, understanding, and appreciation for what we do in MECA.

Thanks to the 6 visionary Manufacturer Members who are showing grassroots support in a BIG way!

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