Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

MECA, the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, Inc., based in Nashville, TN, is building it’s Event Schedule for 2018. Over 200 events worldwide will be sanctioned by the club, with 150+ on track in the USA. MECA’s International Partners include China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Trinidad/Tobago, with an agreement with India pending.

MECA, acting in it’s capacity as a Trade Association, has 100+ USA Retail Member storefronts and 35 Manufacturer Members. With Retail membership only $75/year, and events costs usually below $500, MECA offers the most cost-effective and worthwhile program for industry promotion and brand building at the grassroots level.

The Sound Quality League (SQL) has been building participation and influence in the marketplace, especially since 2014 with improved, more clear and understandable rules and ease of participation, at all levels. The 2017 Finals brought together 79 SQL vehicles for SQL contests, the largest turnout in club history, up 21% since 2016. The focus of our listening tests is clarity and accuracy, and the ability to turn up the volume, with concert quality volume levels. We advocate precise, professional installations, with 4 classes based on complexity of design, in our SQL Install contest. Rule Book Link:

The Sound Pressure League’s 2018 SPL Rule Book has been posted and offers the best, fairest contests for sound pressure contests, in and out of the vehicle, with the focus on clarity and power of bass notes, and making loud and clear music. The TermLab Magnum meter is our Official SPL Meter and contributes to the legitimacy and accuracy of our contest results. Rule Book Link:

MECA events, at best, really are car/truck/motorcycle shows with music. Our Show & Shine car/truck/motorcycle contests are gaining popularity and a big part of our culture. The #1 thing-to-do in the USA centers around car/truck/motorcycle events, and visiting and participating in the activities. MECA’s new school Shine & Shine contest brings all kinds of motor vehicles together, as a celebration of all things automotive, and car audio is the star of the show. Our Ride The Light specialty lighting contest is a great fit for nighttime events. Every business in the industry benefits from the events that MECA oversees, and that’s part of the plan.

A big part of our club and the car audio sports culture are Teams: Independent, Retail, and Manufacturer Teams. The Teams are listed in the results of each competitor, and are very significant credentials for mobile electronics brands and businesses. To have a Team member earn MECA State Champion, or World Champion, status is a big thing. MECA’s entire program is aimed at bringing car audio people together and recognizing them for their individual and Team achievements.

MECA’s Event Coordinators, Directors, and Judges are trained to present our industry, our sport, our hosts and sponsors, and our competitors with professional, well run events that move along quickly, and are fun family events. They are the basis for the good we do in the lanes, and in our neighborhoods.

The club cooperates to involve our Retailers in charity and benefit events close to home, to build brand recognition, familiarity, and respect. Over 10% of the events we host each year are associated with charities and people in need. This is vital to business perception and warrants customer loyalty and repeat business.

MECA offers all this, and more, to our industry and creates pro-active opportunities for quality inexpensive promotions. Check out www.mecacaraudio for 100+ pages of info. For those who haven’t seen it, check out and search “vice news car audio” for the 5.5 minutes segment on HBO’s VICE News October 20th program, featuring MECA’s 2017 Finals, at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY.

Contact the Commissioner at or call 615-851-7428 to ask questions, set up shows, and become part of the club.

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