Inaugural John Fisher Memorial Event

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

We are dedicating a new event coming up Saturday, April 14th, in honor of California SQL Competitor John Fisher. California Event Coordinator Richard Papasin, one of the event organizers, shared these thoughts about John:

In March 2017, we lost John Fisher to cancer, an avid competitor with a passion for Sound Quality. John drove across the country from California to two World Finals Events. In 2013, he won the MECA Modified Sound Quality World Championship. We have missed John dearly at our events and commemorate his memory with the Inaugural John Fisher Memorial event this Saturday. It will be hosted by the captain of Team Arc Audio, Brian Mitchell, with Arc Audio being one of MECA’s proud Manufacturer Members, and the Manufacturer Team that John competed for.
We hope to see many MECA members attend to help commemorate John and share the memories with his car audio family.

John touched a lot of people in the club, was an SQL World Champion at the highest level, and is honored April 14th, and for years to come.

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