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These are some of the most active and involved Members of our club, and we recognize their valued participation and support.

MECAhead of the Year – Eric White (JC Designs/High Voltage), VA
Competitor of the Year – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award – Steve Weigner (AudioBros), PA
Retail Member of the Year – SoundCheck, Lafayette, IN
SQL Rookie of the Year – Sean Scott (Linear Power), PA
SPL Rookie of the Year – Conehead (OSC), TN
2018 Distinguished Service Award – Vinny Taylor, TN
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Myers (ST6/AP), TN and
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Krystyan (#TeamSoLow/RS), TN and
Chad Smith (DSC), TN
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Krystyan (#TeamSoLow/RS) TN and
Don McKinney (SPS), TN
Stinking Loud Award – Gorman Cassidy (Incriminator), AL
Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Chris Hansford (BOAB), KY
MECA Kids Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Jesselin Young, PA
Motormouth Award – Pedro Irizarry (OSC), TN
Survivor Award – Davy “Poptart” Weil (Too Loud/American Bass), TN
Johnny Appleseed Award – Stuart McNeal, LA
SPL Judge of the Year – Bud Ballinger, KY
SQL Judge of the Year – Matt Roberts, SC
Event Director of the Year – Allan Shaffer, TN
Team of the Year – High Voltage
Loud Spouses – Shanon & Carol Boom (RS), TN
SQL Spouses – Ronda & Scott Welch (Audio Intensity/Hybrid Audio) – CA
SQL Spouses – Mic & Lori Wallace (Arc Audio), NC
Judge Team of the Year – California
MECA Spirit Award – Greg Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN
SPL Spirit Award – Douglas Hyden (High Voltage), NY
Show & Shine Spirit Award – Robin Noel, TN
Park & Pound Spirit Award – Derek Wiser (Imperial/RS), OH
Dueling Demos Spirit Award – Sidney Wright (614), OH
SQL Spirit Award – Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
Manufacturer of the Year – XS Power
Best Press Coverage Award – 12 Volt News
Pioneer Award – Sunil Boodram, FL
2018 Venue of the Year – Slamology, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, IN
TCB (Takin’ Care of Business) Award – Linda Kobayashi, CA
12 Volt Industry Award – Audible Physics
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award – Larry Chijner (Hybrid Audio), PA
Best Penmanship – Grace Fitzpatrick, SC
High School Student of the Year – Selena Ballinger (Team SoundCheck/BOAB), KY
Commissioner’s Award – Klifton Keplinger – SQOLOGY
Judge Emeritus – Rick Washabaugh, KY

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