2019 SPL Rule Book

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters


Our 2019 SPL Rule Book is ready for review at this link.

Please note changes that the R&E believed were required:
Pressure Class numbers increased for Trunk classes.
XC included, the way we did it at Finals.
Due to lack of participation and to get back to our roots, the XTC class has been removed from the program. Anyone who has competed in XTC thus far in 2019 may have points reassigned to XC or Radical X classes, or another Sound Pressure class. Or, if not going to participate, a refund will be issued, unless the score was posted at a charity event.
There have been several tweaks to rules in all classes, so please read the General Rules and Division Rules that apply to your build, and competition plans.
We will be adding a sentence or 2 clarifying “commercial vehicles” before the Rule Book is “set in stone”, about 2 weeks.
Please address any questions or concerns to mecacaraudio@comcast.net.
Thanks to the R&E Committee for getting the job done so well and in a very timely manner!

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