Merry Christmas SQL Competitors – 2019 Rule Book

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

The 2019 SQL Rule Book is ready for review by the club. The R&E Committee Members have done the work, and the Rule Book for 2019 is the best version we have developed for serious SQL competitors, at this link:

We give everyone 2 weeks to go over the material, to ask questions, and make suggestions. Please send anything that you would like reviewed or further clarified to:


1. The major change in 2019 SQL rules is the 4X format/events
2. Judge and Event Director points (now get first place points rather than last place from prior years).
3. Clarification added in general rules on how build-outs are measured – General Rules (IX.A.3.)
4. Multi-Judge events (4X or when multiple judges are used in a 3X ) – scores are averaged to at least hundredths of a point.
Class specific:
1. Stock class: allows for 16-band aftermarket HU or limited DSP (see rules for full details) and tweeters can be built out on sail panels/A-pillars per build out limits in the Rule Book. Minor update to include flange limit for tweeters.
2. No changes in Street class.
3. For Mod Street, minor update to include flange limit for tweeters.
4. Clarifications for both Modified and Modex on sail panel builds.
5. No changes in Extreme or Master.
6. Dueling Demos Street+:  All vehicles can build 1 or 2 pods in rear of vehicle, using one (1) component set consisting of two (2) tweeters and two (2) 6.5″ midrange drivers, or smaller midrange, i.e. 5.25″, 4″, 6″, 5″, etc. This includes trunks, hatchbacks, and pickup truck beds.  Pod(s) must be installed/fastened to the vehicle.

Thanks to the R&E Committee for their time, attention, and dedication to the rules.

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