2019 SQL and SPL Rule Books are complete

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

The SQL Rule Book has been finished and online for about 3 weeks at:  www.mecacaraudio.com/2019SQLRuleBook.pdf

The SPL Rule Book is complete, with a few edits since posted for club review:

We received good input from members, and made these changes:

  • Judge Points – now Judges receive 1st place points in their class(es).  They do not compete, but are listed in a separate Results event for tracking Judge Points, with score of (0) zero.
  • Cutting of metal/modifications permitted in M1, M2, and M3.  Please see Rule Book, Modified Division section, to review what is allowed.
  • Vehicle registration and insurance statement changed.  A vehicle cannot be shared at a contest.  Vehicle registration and insurance declaration will not  be required in the Rule Book, but a waiver must be signed declaring vehicle responsibility on the score sheet or event log sheet.  M4, M5, Radical XC, and Radical X vehicles are exempt.
  • MECA Members who want to compete at the World Finals Soundfest must compete at (1) 2X or 3X contest with the vehicle they are going to use at Finals.
  • For Radical X and XC classes, the sensor is placed in either the driver’s or passenger’s kick panel area.  These are the only 2 options for X and XC sensor placement.

Thanks again to the Rules & Ethics Committee for their time and thoughtfulness that goes into our Rule Books.
Thanks to the MECA Members who took the time to send input and thoughtful suggestions.


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