2019 Club Awards

MECAhead of the Year – Conehead (O.S.C.), TN
Competitor of the Year – Tony Rodriquez (Audio X), IL
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award – Michael Myers (ST6/AP/Zapco), TN
Retail Member of the Year – SoundCheck, IN
SQL Rookie of the Year – Tony Gutermuth (Audio X), IN
SPL Rookie of the Year – Nicholas Coleman (#TeamSoLow), TN
4 ——Distinguished Service Award – Bud Ballinger (BOAB), KY – Shannon Ballinger (BOAB), KY –
Grace Fitzpatrick, SC – Matt Roberts, SC
2 ——SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award – MODIFIED CLASS: Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/Zapco), WV and
Michael Myers (ST6/AP/Zapco), TN
3 —–MASTER CLASS: Mike Nicholls (US Acoustics), CA/Vin Quach TRU), CA/
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
2 —– SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Greg Kelley (High Voltage) TN and Dale Efaw (OSC), TN
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award – Sodda Pop Kid (Imperial), PA and
Mark Cunningham (Mystery Sound Machine/SSQ), OH
Stinking Loud Award – Shawn Mayo (Sundown), TN
Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Hank Veach (SoundCheck), IN
MECA Kids Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH
Motormouth Award – Conehead (O.S.C.), TN
Survivor Award – Ron Baker (Melodic Acoustic), PA
Johnny Appleseed Award – Mike Flanagan, MS
SPL Judge of the Year – Sunil Boodram, FL
SQL Judge of the Year – Vinny Taylor, TN
Event Director of the Year – Richard Papasin, CA
Team of the Year – O.S.C., TN
3 ——SPL Loud Spouses – Jeremy & Dorthy Williams, VA and Solomon & Ieshia Solomon, CA, and
dB Rev MJ & dB Rev RJ, KY
2 —— SQL Spouses – Robert & Shannon Corwin (Audio Specialists), OH and
Rob & Julie Bess (Audio Specialists), TN
Judge Team of the Year – Bangin On A Budget, Indiana & Kentucky
MECA Spirit Award – Mensah Green, MI
SPL Spirit Award – Chris Caudel, KY
Show & Shine Spirit Award – Ken Reed (Audio X), AL
Park & Pound Spirit Award – Joe Melton, IL
Dueling Demos Spirit Award – Randy Smith (Close Enough), IN
SQL Spirit Award – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
Manufacturer of the Year – XS Power
Best Press Coverage Award – 12VoltNews.com
Pioneer Award – Victor O’Brien, (New Creation), AL
Venue of the Year – Slamology
TCB (Taking Care of Business Award) – Sidney Wright (Team 614), OH
12 Volt Industry Award – Arc Audio
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award – Steve Cook (Audio X), AL
Best Penmanship – Linda Kobayashi, CA
High School Student of the Year – Emily Myers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Commissioner’s Award – Stuart McNeal, LA

Thanks to these active and engaged Members!

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