MECA World Finals Soundfest This Weekend

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

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81 Sound Quality League and 86 Sound Pressure League vehicles have pre-registered and are vying for World Championships in each class.  This is the largest turn-out for Finals in MECA history.

Working with the dB Drag Racing and IASCA organizations, MECA is part of the annual Car Audio Championship event.  Featuring the best sounding, best installations, and loudest vehicles in the USA and Mexico, this is the largest gathering of the high-level car audio systems in North America.

TRU Technology is the SQL Title Sponsor and will have a huge Team and booth display.

Ohio Generator, Sundown Audio, and XS Power are the SPL sponsors and have many competitors using their products. Sponsor logos will be featured on all awards.

Official MECA Team names are listed with the competitors results, displaying profiiency and excellence in the lanes.

Judging for Finals come from coast to coast, and Canada.  Our distinquished Judge Team brings together the best ears, minds, experience,and engaged officials.  The members will benefit from this dedicated crew:


Joe Ault (OH)

Bud Ballinger (KY)

Shannon Ballinger (KY)

Sunil Boodram (FL)

Victor O’Brien (AL)

Malani Puni (TN)

Mike VanMol (AL)


Cory Bradley (IN)

Grace Fitzpatrick (SC)

Mike Flanagan (MS)

Russell Jones (FL)

Linda Kobayashi (CA)

Richard Papasin (CA)

Julian Ridi (CN)

Matt Roberts (SC)

Vinny Taylor (TN)

Commissioner Stern will be handling registration, memberships, and awards presentations.  “We are excited to bring the car audio community together for this huge event.  Our members have worked hard to earn their place at Finals, and we determine our World Champs, and present our Club Awards, including State Champion certificates in all classes.”

Thanks to our Members:  Competitor, Retail, and Manufacturer for an outstanding season!
Thanks to our Judges for doing the work!

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