2020 SPL Rule Book 1st Draft

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

Thanks to our R&E Committee for working through the SPL rules. This is not set in stone, and is open for review. We have very little changing:

MECA Kids changes:
MKSP – same as previous MK2.  No MK1
MKX – for toys with noise vehicles that do not meet the rules of MKSP, or are not operated by a MECA Kid
MKPP – same as we do now, MKX could compete in this class.
(Will be in SQL Rules)

  • M4 and M5 can remove sunroof and replace with metal and weld, keeping within skin of vehicle.
  • SQL BOBOS competitors will be able to test at the Headrest for their SP score, in Radical X or XC (clamped) which allows builds with sub(s) in front of B-pillars to have a chance in the BOBOS contest. Competitors may choose Headrest location in Radical X or XC.

That’s it. All suggestions were considered. We appreciate the input and feedback! Please review and if you see something you don’t think is right, please let me know at mecacaraudio@comcast.net.


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