2020 SQL Rule Book

2020 SQL Rule Book

Our SQL Rule Book is ready for club review.

Changes are “minor” and are as follows:

1. Reformatted to be consistent with SPL Rulebook (table of contents is hyperlinked to specific sections and easier to edit for the future)2. Dueling Demos – Each Competitor has 1.5 minute to play their demo. Demo may be using 1 or 2 songs totaling 1.5 minutes of playtime. At Finals, it will be with 2 songs, 1 minute each, staggered presentation.3. Specified allowance of RTA for 4X events using 100pt. scale via Termlab Magnum with RTA sensor. Intent is to use Termlab through the season with the goal of using it at Finals, however will make a determination to go with Termlab or Audiocontrol by midseason.4. Stock class – Exception that headunit may be replaced for daily use if using approved DSP, but for competition headunit must be turned off/unused and source must be from approved media device as specified in Class Requirements.5. Once judging has started, competitors are not allowed to enter the vehicle, make adjustments, or touch it at all while it’s being judged.6. At larger events (i.e. 4X events, World Finals) competitors must be ready during their assigned time slots. If they are not, the five minute rule as indicated above will be applied. After five minutes the vehicle will be judged as it stands. Extreme cases will be handled on an individual basis by the head judge and will be the exception instead of the rule.

If there are any perceived issues, we will cover them immediately. Otherwise, we are ready to go. Thanks to our R&E Committee members, especially Richard Papasin who handled edits, formating and completion.

The link is: http://tinyurl.com/2020MECASQLRulebook