Slamology 2020 Pre-registration Begins

Slamology 2020 Pre-registration Begins

Our annual huge Slamology event in Indianapolis is scheduled for June 13-14th. The link:

The Sound Quality League contests will be 4X points with 3 Judges. For SQL competitors, please pre-reg with Slamology, and then pay the additional MECA fee for this enhanced event. The MECA SQL pre-reg info and link will be provided soon, and we will post on facebook page when link is ready.

The Dueling Demos contests will have qualifying rounds on Saturday starting at 11 AM. The final rounds for Dueling Demos will be late Saturday afternoon. We are working on a special program for that.

The Sound Pressure League contests will be 3X points and run all day Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM – 1 PM.

More info will follow as plans are solidified.