COVID-19 Statement

MECA Manufacturers and Supporters

Several MECA Members have been in touch regarding events continuing despite the coronavirus health issues. MECA will continue to have events as long as there is no mandate from local, state, or national governments to cease and desist. Our events generally involve less than 250 people, so we can continue when restrictions are made that do not apply to our gatherings.
If you are feeling ill, please do not show up to compete or watch the show. Anyone who is recognized as showing symptoms will be asked to leave, and their vehicle will not be judged.
For SPL tests we are not too worried about judging or intereraction, since most is done outside and the time spent is only a few minutes.
For SQL, the fact that judges sit in a closed vehilcle, are touching surfaces that may be tainted, is problematic. It would not be unreasonable for an SQL judge to have disintectant wipes and/or cleaners to wipe down a vehicle’s interior before judging the system.
We want all of our participants to be safe and to feel that their safety is most important to us. Most MECA Members do not fit the “at risk” profile, but we do not want someone carrying the virus home and endangering family and friends, young and old.
Follow the guidelines for health and cleanliness before, during, and after the event. If there is any possibility that you may be carrying the disease, please stay home until you are not a danger to our club and family members.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Take Care!

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