MECA SPL Expanding Radical X Classes

MECA SPL Expanding Radical X Classes

The first issue the R&E Committee has reviewed is something that people have been asking about for several years. We are modifying our Radical X classes, with X sill the same and unlimited, and an unlimited Trunk (XT) class. There will be 4 new classes based on complexity of design with Pressure Class # capped at 4000 on the TermLab for Street (XS), Mod Street (XMS), and Modified (XM1). XM2 is Modified class capped at 8000, intended for M4/M5 builds with “enhanced modifications”. We will order new score sheets and update the points and results databases, so it will take a month or so to get this integrated into our system.

But, we can start judging and earning points for these classes starting now.

XS – Street — Capped at 4000
XT – Trunk — Unlimited
XMS – Modified Street — Capped at 4000
XM1 – Modified— Capped at 4000
XM2 – Modified — Capped at 8000
Radical X — Unlimited (Same as 2020)

So, when your vehicle is a Modified Street build, you can compete in XMS, if Street build, then XS, for examples.

There is no more XC class.

We’ll have some kinks to iron out, and we will. We are reviewing other SPL and SQL issues, and when something is changed we will give notice as soon as possible.