SQL Judge Training and TN March Madness

SQL Judge Training and TN March Madness

The Mobile Electronics Competition Association, Inc. — MECA — kicked off the Spring season with a dedicated SQL Judge Training session at Audio Specialists in Clarksville.  Commissioner Stern introduced 16 trainees to veteran judges Vinny Taylor (TN) and Matt Roberts (SC).. Trainees were:

Tommy Craig, Colorado

Nick Graham, Ohio’

William Grimme, Indiana

Jason Hale, Tennessee

Cassie Hall, Ohio

Joseph Heddon, Illinois

Russell Jones, Florida

Jordan Kisler, Florida

Michael Myers, Tennessee

Joseph Norton, Arkansas

Shannon Price, Illinois

Mick Shuck, Ohio

Silva, Colorado

Mic Wallace, North Carolina

Scott Welch, California

Andrew Woodward, Colorado 

Trainees reviewed selected tracks from the list of official test songs maintained by the MECA organization. 9 outstanding vehicles were on-site for intensive listening sessions with accomplished judges and well-versed vehicle owner/competitors.  The 9 AM – 7 PM schedule on Saturday, March 20th, featured the most revealing and informative track descriptions and evaluations in the club’s 23 year history. On Sunday, March 21st, MECA split the March Madness event into 2 locations, to better accomodate the unique requirements of both SPL and SQL contests.  Audio Specialists owners Rob Bess and Robert Corwin hosted the SQL activites at the store, with Vinny Taylor as Head Judge..  Trainees continued with informational exchange and scoring systems to get more seat time.  Robert Corwin earned the SQL Best of Show, The Zenner trophy and Rob Bess had the highest Sound Quality score at the event. 

Commissioner Stern lead the SPL faction to Middle Tennessee’s best venue, the Cheatham County Fairgrounds in Ashland City.  Greg Kelley (Kelley’s Car Toyz/High Voltage) from Newport, TN had highest scores in Sound Pressure and Park & Pound contests, winning the big SPL Best of Show trophy.  Judges Eric Halfacre and 2020 SPL Judge of the Year Malani Puni handled the lanes.  It was a beautiful day at the Fairgrounds and the show very engaging, fun, and competitive. Many new faces attended the events, and several OG’s who haven’t competed in over 10 years came out to play:  Mike Elder (KY), Freddrick Simpson (KY),  MECA is building a very active schedule in the USA and should be running on all cylindars by June.  Planning for a Unified Finals with IASCA and dB Drag Racing is in the works. Contact the Commissioner for info and scheduling opportunities at [email protected] or office 615-851-7428.