2021 SPL Finals Pre-registration — Official List

2021 SPL Finals Pre-registration — Official List

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The following are paid and pre-registered MECA Members for our 2021 SPL Finals. These will be updated on a daily basis.
For This Event, Friday October 8th is Qualifying and Dueling Demos, and Saturday October 9th is the World Championship Day, with Top 3 as described in the SPL Rule Book.
Updated: August 31, 2021 —- 9:15 AM Central Time
Competitor Vehicles – 3

Sound Pressure League
Street 1

Street 2

Street 3

Street 4

Street 5

Trunk 1

Trunk 2

Modified Street 1

Modified Street 2

Modified Street 3

Modified Street 4

Modified 1

Modified 2

Modified 3

Modified 4
Rob Kollar (Incriminator), FL

Modified 5
Gorman Cassidy (Incriminator), AL + 2 Guests

Radical X Street

Radical X Trunk

Radical X Modified Street

Radical X Modified 1

Radical X Modified 2

Radical X Extreme

Park & Pound DB1

Park & Pound DB2

Park & Pound DB3
Scott Butler (San Diego Bassheads), CA + 2 Guests

Park & Pound DB4

Park & Pound DB5

Dueling Demos Street+

Dueling Demos Modified

Dueling Demos Extreme

MECA Kids Sound Pressure

MECA Kids Park & Pound

MECA Kids Dueling Demos

Show & Shine