Good News for Current & Future MECA heads!

Good News for Current & Future MECA heads!

2022 New Ownership for our Organization

With rumors flying, I’d like to announce the sale of MECA, Inc to the Ballinger family, Bud, Shannon, and Salena, from Louisville, KY.

We have a buy-out agreement in place that will take effect November 1, 2021. This includes the entire properties of MECA, Inc., including Sound Quality League, Sound Pressure League, Show & Shine, Ride the Light, MECA Kids, and all intellecutual properities, i.e. trademarks, logos, Rule Books, etc.

I will complete the 2021 season and carry out all my responsibilities throughout both SPL and SQL Finals, and then turn over the business to the Ballingers.

The excitement and vitality they will bring to our club, contests, and trade assocation will be important assets to our events and our industy. They have competed and judged as a family for many years, with State Championships and World Championships to their credit. Knowing the ropes as competitors, judges, and event directors gives them a unique and experienced insight into what MECA does and what MECA can do, with their vision and guidance.

For 23 years, since 1999, MECA has endeavored to be a family friendly, fun, and worthwhile organization for our varied members, and the mobile electronics industry. Bud, Shannon, and Salena know the mission statements and goals MECA stands for, and are dedicated to keeping the spirit and purposes of MECA strong, relevant, and consistent with our founding principles.

I’d like to thank those who have supported my efforts to develop and maintain a meaningful organization. There are so many people who have contributed throughout the years, and made MECA a viable business and organization. My appreciation and respect for these MECA friends are boundless. We have shared many memorable moments together, in the lanes and in our lives. MECA is about people, music, the gear, and our vehicles. That’s not going to change.

Please welcome and support the Ballingers as they take on the responsibilites of MECA for you and the organization. We are very fortunate that they have embraced the excellence and longivity of our club and contests.

More info and details to be announced as they unfold.

Hope to see you at either the SPL or SQL Finals.