2022 Club Awards

SPL rookie of the year: Michael Haslage,

Demo Queen of the year: Melinda Rosson 

demo king of the year: Aaron Bohde

judge team of the year: Ohio 

team of the year: Team all walls 

loud spouses: Johnny and Peggy and Embrey

MECA head of the year: Cory Wahlstrom 

retailer of the year: Puns Customs

manufacture of the year: CIARE

Competitor of the year: Brandon Breeden

distinguished service award: Jason Antis

SPL, Hatfield, and McCoy award: Brandon LaRussa and Joshua Grider, Parking pound 3

Dueling demos Hatfield and McCoy award: Randall Ritchie and TJ Ivey dueling demos extreme

SPL survivor: Nathan Sherrick

SPL motormouth: Brandon Montgomery 

neighborhood nuisance: Randall Ritchie

Johnny Appleseed: Kenny Armstrong 

 judge of the year: Jacob Moseley 

stinking loud award: Curtis Eigensee

Pioneer award: Jason Antis 

MECA spirit award: Jack Hawley

park in pounds Spirit award: Chris Smith

sound pressure, spirit award: Bubba Brewer

dueling demo spirit award: Stephen Dorian

Alma gates lifetime achievement award: Salena Ballinger

best penmanship: Ashley Paradis

best high school student of the year: Donovan Crawford

taking care of business award: Morgan Miller

best venue of the year: Cass County Fairgrounds 

Event Director of the year: Sidney Wright

12 vote industry award: XS Power

Best press coverage: Bud talk live