Showing up and Showing Out! – April 2022

You all have been showing up and showing out, at all the MECA Events, EVERYWHERE! We have to give a huge shoutout to the following competitors!

Joel Ybamit – 50/DDM,
Joel Ybamit – 50/M1
Moses Martinez – 51/M3
Wayne Heckman – 46/M3
Brandon Breeden – 72/M4
Ray Maestas – 50/M5
Rick Memering – 50/MS1
Rick Memering – 48/DB2
Robert Martin – 50/MS1
Brandon LaRussa – 64/MS2
Bubba Brewer – 95/MS3
Johnathan “Peach” Bell – 50/DB1
Daryl Nova – 56/DB3
Brandon LaRussa – 54/DB3
Brandon Breeden – 77/DB4
Ray Maestas – 50/DB5
Cory Walstrom – 63/X
Wayne Heckman – 45/XM1
Brandon Breeden – 65/XM2
Chris Valle – 62/XT
Ray Valle – 59/XT
William Figueroa – 48/XT
Audio Concepts Ray Aragon – 65/S1
Dion Williams – 70/S2
Michael Haslage – 68/S2
Katelin Byard-53/S2
Scott A. Smith-55/S3
Scott A. Smith-61/Stock
David Little-46/S3
Ray Valle-70/T1
Ronald Dutton-63/T1
Justin Dunham-57/Street
Angie Landis-46/Street
William Coleman-45/Street Install

We’re barely into the season and all of these competitors are qualified for world finals and on their way to a Points Championship!! Winning that ship in your class means the world but all you guys that get your 45 points to qualify for worlds and still continue to come out and support the club, and become points Champions, truly warm our hearts. Y’all are the reason our club is so amazing and we all have such a great time at the shows!