2020 SPL Rule Book 1st Draft

Thanks to our R&E Committee for working through the SPL rules. This is not set in stone, and is open for review. We have very little changing:

MECA Kids changes:
MKSP – same as previous MK2.  No MK1
MKX – for toys with noise vehicles that do not meet the rules of MKSP, or are not operated by a MECA Kid
MKPP – same as we do now, MKX could compete in this class.
(Will be in SQL Rules)

  • M4 and M5 can remove sunroof and replace with metal and weld, keeping within skin of vehicle.
  • SQL BOBOS competitors will be able to test at the Headrest for their SP score, in Radical X or XC (clamped) which allows builds with sub(s) in front of B-pillars to have a chance in the BOBOS contest. Competitors may choose Headrest location in Radical X or XC.

That’s it. All suggestions were considered. We appreciate the input and feedback! Please review and if you see something you don’t think is right, please let me know at mecacaraudio@comcast.net.


2020 CES

Richard and Linda are our club Good Will Ambassadors for the CES Show, and Judges for our CES Sound-off contests. They will be walking the North Hall floor, based out of our kiosk somewhere deep in the South Hall.

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who participates and supports our club events!

We are planning the best season in MECA’s history, working to make our Members’ experiences better and more fulfilling.

When you see an opportunity for a MECA event in your area, please let us know and we’ll try to work it out.

Ending 2019 on a High Note

One of the best things about our club and contests is that we are involved with our local, regional, and sometimes national charities. MECA was affiliated with 21 events in 2019 that donated money, time, and toys to benefit our communities. Our Event Directors and Judges donate their time, too, which benefits the outcome of the donations.

As we conclude the year, and get ready for the “winter break”, the club is involved with 8 Toy Drives, most associated with the Marines Toys For Tots program. We have 3 this weekend:

Date(s)Name (click for details)LocationMult.
12/13Santa Slam – Toys For TotsByram, MS1X
12/142019 Santa Burnout Car Show-Toys For Tots BenefitBrooksville, FL2X
12/14MECA @ SOC (Save Our Christmas) 2019 Charity EventNorth Las Vegas, NV1X

Then, next weekend, Audio Anarchy in Shreveport, LA will host it’s toy drive.

These events show people who are not familiar with us sound-off types a real positive side of our Members and the car audio community. If our sport is to grow and gain recognition, it is important that we showcase our people, with big hearts, sharing and contributing to the communities we serve.

Thanks to everyone who supports what we do in and out of the lanes.

Have a Happy and Heathy Holiday Season and cya in 2020!

2020 SQL Judge Training

The 2020 SQL Judge Traning session will be held in Nashville the weekend of February 22/23rd.
Space is limited, with registration fee at $100, which includes the Symphony ticket. Judge Trainees will gather on Saturday, 2/22 for “classroom” portion, attend the Symphony at 8 PM Saturday night, and continue training and practice at the Freezefest event on Sunday.
More details to be announced.
Here is info on Symphony program:

Contact mecacaraudio@comcast.net to make arrangements for the SQL Judge Training.

Holiday Charity Events

This week the club begins our holiday benefit events, with Toys For Tots and local initiatives the focus of our donations. Check our Event Schedule for an event near you that will help brighten many lives, young and old.

2020 Season Up & Running

Our club is already hosting events and posting results and points for 2020.
Our webmaster, Jason Clark in Salt Lake City, put a tremendous amount of work into upgrading the sites and improving accessability and speed, especially for mobile devices. Our event results tracking should be very reliable now. 🙂

We added the Ruckus & Chill Show in Fayetteville, NC for this Saturday, November 2nd. Join Conehead, Eric Halfacre, and Heather Newman for SQL and SPL fun and games.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for potential hosts and sponsors for MECA events in your area. That is how we get most of our shows, with member help and support. We want MECA events in your area just as much as you do, so please let us know if there are people we should reach out to for creating events.

Please make sure you are signed up for MECA club emails on the home page, upper right corner. This is how we get the news out about the club activities and, especially, this is how we set up Finals Invitations and RSVP.s for our members.

We enter the club’s 22nd year with anticipation and invite all to experience our sound-off contests at car/truck/motorcyle shows.

2019 Club Awards

MECAhead of the Year – Conehead (O.S.C.), TN
Competitor of the Year – Tony Rodriquez (Audio X), IL
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award – Michael Myers (ST6/AP/Zapco), TN
Retail Member of the Year – SoundCheck, IN
SQL Rookie of the Year – Tony Gutermuth (Audio X), IN
SPL Rookie of the Year – Nicholas Coleman (#TeamSoLow), TN
4 ——Distinguished Service Award – Bud Ballinger (BOAB), KY – Shannon Ballinger (BOAB), KY –
Grace Fitzpatrick, SC – Matt Roberts, SC
2 ——SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award – MODIFIED CLASS: Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/Zapco), WV and
Michael Myers (ST6/AP/Zapco), TN
3 —–MASTER CLASS: Mike Nicholls (US Acoustics), CA/Vin Quach TRU), CA/
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
2 —– SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Greg Kelley (High Voltage) TN and Dale Efaw (OSC), TN
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award – Sodda Pop Kid (Imperial), PA and
Mark Cunningham (Mystery Sound Machine/SSQ), OH
Stinking Loud Award – Shawn Mayo (Sundown), TN
Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Hank Veach (SoundCheck), IN
MECA Kids Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH
Motormouth Award – Conehead (O.S.C.), TN
Survivor Award – Ron Baker (Melodic Acoustic), PA
Johnny Appleseed Award – Mike Flanagan, MS
SPL Judge of the Year – Sunil Boodram, FL
SQL Judge of the Year – Vinny Taylor, TN
Event Director of the Year – Richard Papasin, CA
Team of the Year – O.S.C., TN
3 ——SPL Loud Spouses – Jeremy & Dorthy Williams, VA and Solomon & Ieshia Solomon, CA, and
dB Rev MJ & dB Rev RJ, KY
2 —— SQL Spouses – Robert & Shannon Corwin (Audio Specialists), OH and
Rob & Julie Bess (Audio Specialists), TN
Judge Team of the Year – Bangin On A Budget, Indiana & Kentucky
MECA Spirit Award – Mensah Green, MI
SPL Spirit Award – Chris Caudel, KY
Show & Shine Spirit Award – Ken Reed (Audio X), AL
Park & Pound Spirit Award – Joe Melton, IL
Dueling Demos Spirit Award – Randy Smith (Close Enough), IN
SQL Spirit Award – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
Manufacturer of the Year – XS Power
Best Press Coverage Award – 12VoltNews.com
Pioneer Award – Victor O’Brien, (New Creation), AL
Venue of the Year – Slamology
TCB (Taking Care of Business Award) – Sidney Wright (Team 614), OH
12 Volt Industry Award – Arc Audio
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award – Steve Cook (Audio X), AL
Best Penmanship – Linda Kobayashi, CA
High School Student of the Year – Emily Myers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Commissioner’s Award – Stuart McNeal, LA

Thanks to these active and engaged Members!

Congrats to our 2019 SPL World Champions!

SPL Best of Show – Brad Lee Zink (FlopBox), IN

Sound Pressure
Street 1 – Chris Caudel, KY – 148.29 dB
Street 2 – Quantez Watkins (BOAB/Massive), IN – 149.98 dB
Street 3 – Salena Ballinger (SoundCheck/BOAB), KY – 153.37 dB
Street 4 – Chad Smith (OSC), TN – 154.69 dB
Street 5 – Shawn Mayo (Sundown), TN – 157.85 dB
Trunk 1 – Danny Black (614), OH – 152.67 dB
Trunk 2 – Jeffrey Sanford, IN – 153.60 dB
Modified Street 1 – Jason Conrad, OH – 152.57 dB
Modified Street 2 – Walt Johnson (Suindown), SC – 155.06 dB
Modified Street 3 – dB Rev Chris (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), TN – 158.50 dB
Modified Street 4 – Hank Veach (SoundCheck), IN – 162.65 dB
Modified 1 – Michael Davis (SoundCheck/BOAB), IN – 146.35 dB
Modified 2 – Chris Gregory (WSF/Incriminator/XS Power), TN – 153.26 dB
Modified 3 – Ryan Wheaton (BOAB), KY – 157.27 dB
Modified 4 – dB Rev Patrick (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), TN – 161.82 dB
Modified 5 – dB Rev Jay (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), KY – 169.46 dB
Radical XC – Walt Johnson (Sundown), SC – 159.43 dB
Radical X – RP Patel (SoundCheck), IN – 178.89 dB

Park & Pound
Park & Pound DB1 – Josh Moreash (Imperial), NY – 126.19 dB
Park & Pound DB2 – Derek Wiser (Imperial), OH – 131.07 dB
Park & Pound DB3 – Ryan Wheaton (BOAB), KY – 133.53 dB
Park & Pound DB4 – Don Ward (Imperial), PA – 135.77 dB
Park & Pound DB5 – Greg Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage), TN – 138.55 dB

MECA Kids MK1 – Adysen Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage), TN – 155.28 dB
MECA Kids MK2 – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH – 149.83 dB
MECA Kids Park & Pound – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH – 127.35 dB

Congrats to our 2019 SQL World Champions!

Sound Quality (Judged In Driver’s Seat, 3 Judge Average)
Stock – Todd Woodworth, CA – 75.42
Street – Scott Brazelton (Audio X), AL – 78.92
Modified Street – Kirk Proffitt (Audio Specialists), AL – 84.33
Modified – Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH – 84.58
Modex – Rob Bess (Audio Specialists ), TN – 86.42
Extreme – Tim Smith (Audio X/TRU/XS Power/Zapco), TN – 85.67
Master – Jason Hale (Audio Specialists), TN – 85.08

Stock – Ken Reed (Audio X), AL – 74.5
Street – Tony Horton, PA – 77.50
Modified – Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH – 94
Extreme – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA – 93.25

RTA Freq Out
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH – 37

SQ2 – 2 Seat Judging
SQ2 – Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL – 139.25
SQ2+ – Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), TN – 161.5

Culbertson Cup – Sound Quality Best of Show
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), TN

Alma Gates Cup – Sound Quality Best of Show (Lower 3 Classes)
Kirk Proffitt (Audio Specialists), AL

The Zenner – SQL Best of Show
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), Oh

Install Best of Show
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH

Best of Best of Show
Ken Reed (Audio X), AL

Scores are based on 100 point score sheet for SQ and Install, 200 points for SQ2, and 40 points for RTA Freq Out

Dueling Demos
Street+ – Jason Hammer (Imperial), PA
Modified – Greg Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage), TN
Extreme – Anthony Caldwell (XFL/Mechman/True Bass/XS Power), TN
MECA Kids – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH