2019 SQL and SPL Rule Books are complete

The SQL Rule Book has been finished and online for about 3 weeks at:  www.mecacaraudio.com/2019SQLRuleBook.pdf

The SPL Rule Book is complete, with a few edits since posted for club review:

We received good input from members, and made these changes:

  • Judge Points – now Judges receive 1st place points in their class(es).  They do not compete, but are listed in a separate Results event for tracking Judge Points, with score of (0) zero.
  • Cutting of metal/modifications permitted in M1, M2, and M3.  Please see Rule Book, Modified Division section, to review what is allowed.
  • Vehicle registration and insurance statement changed.  A vehicle cannot be shared at a contest.  Vehicle registration and insurance declaration will not  be required in the Rule Book, but a waiver must be signed declaring vehicle responsibility on the score sheet or event log sheet.  M4, M5, Radical XC, and Radical X vehicles are exempt.
  • MECA Members who want to compete at the World Finals Soundfest must compete at (1) 2X or 3X contest with the vehicle they are going to use at Finals.
  • For Radical X and XC classes, the sensor is placed in either the driver’s or passenger’s kick panel area.  These are the only 2 options for X and XC sensor placement.

Thanks again to the Rules & Ethics Committee for their time and thoughtfulness that goes into our Rule Books.
Thanks to the MECA Members who took the time to send input and thoughtful suggestions.

MECA Booth at CES 2019

The MECA booth at CES 2019 is #20448B in South Hall 1. Richard Papasin, Linda Kobayashi, and Allan Shaffer will be at the booth and walking the North Hall floor on Thursday and Friday. They will be at the CES Showdown event, Saturday, 1/12, with 3X SQL and SPL contests.

2018 World Champions Rings Revealed

MECA World Champs are receiving their rings and posting pics, so It’s time for the official pics to be posted. MECA awarded 61 rings to World Champs, based on results of the 2018 World Finals Soundfest.
Rings feature SQL, SPL, or MECA logos, depending on the League and contest class.
Rings are engraved with the Champion’s name and contest class.
Thanks to Orion for sponsoring the 20th Anniversary World Champions rings.

2018 Rings pics all sides

2019 SPL Rule Book


Our 2019 SPL Rule Book is ready for review at this link.

Please note changes that the R&E believed were required:
Pressure Class numbers increased for Trunk classes.
XC included, the way we did it at Finals.
Due to lack of participation and to get back to our roots, the XTC class has been removed from the program. Anyone who has competed in XTC thus far in 2019 may have points reassigned to XC or Radical X classes, or another Sound Pressure class. Or, if not going to participate, a refund will be issued, unless the score was posted at a charity event.
There have been several tweaks to rules in all classes, so please read the General Rules and Division Rules that apply to your build, and competition plans.
We will be adding a sentence or 2 clarifying “commercial vehicles” before the Rule Book is “set in stone”, about 2 weeks.
Please address any questions or concerns to mecacaraudio@comcast.net.
Thanks to the R&E Committee for getting the job done so well and in a very timely manner!

Merry Christmas SQL Competitors – 2019 Rule Book

The 2019 SQL Rule Book is ready for review by the club. The R&E Committee Members have done the work, and the Rule Book for 2019 is the best version we have developed for serious SQL competitors, at this link:


We give everyone 2 weeks to go over the material, to ask questions, and make suggestions. Please send anything that you would like reviewed or further clarified to: mecacaraudio@comcast.net


1. The major change in 2019 SQL rules is the 4X format/events
2. Judge and Event Director points (now get first place points rather than last place from prior years).
3. Clarification added in general rules on how build-outs are measured – General Rules (IX.A.3.)
4. Multi-Judge events (4X or when multiple judges are used in a 3X ) – scores are averaged to at least hundredths of a point.
Class specific:
1. Stock class: allows for 16-band aftermarket HU or limited DSP (see rules for full details) and tweeters can be built out on sail panels/A-pillars per build out limits in the Rule Book. Minor update to include flange limit for tweeters.
2. No changes in Street class.
3. For Mod Street, minor update to include flange limit for tweeters.
4. Clarifications for both Modified and Modex on sail panel builds.
5. No changes in Extreme or Master.
6. Dueling Demos Street+:  All vehicles can build 1 or 2 pods in rear of vehicle, using one (1) component set consisting of two (2) tweeters and two (2) 6.5″ midrange drivers, or smaller midrange, i.e. 5.25″, 4″, 6″, 5″, etc. This includes trunks, hatchbacks, and pickup truck beds.  Pod(s) must be installed/fastened to the vehicle.

Thanks to the R&E Committee for their time, attention, and dedication to the rules.

Happy Holidays to All

Thanks to the many MECAheads who have made 2018 memorable, in a good way. We’ve had a lot of activity and participation, and 2019 looks to be bigger and better, in a good way.
Best wishes to all for a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Thanks to Steve Cook from Audio X in Florence, AL for the Christmas tree pic.

2018 Championship Rings

MECA’s 2018 World Champions will be receiving 20th Anniversary commemorative rings in the next 2 – 3 weeks. 58 Champions rings represent all the club’s Formats and Classes: SQL, SPL, Show & Shine, MECA Kids, and Ride The Light. Thanks to the great people at Orion who sponsored the rings and made this special bonus for our competitors possible!

Complete pics of the tops of the 4 designs will be revealed when our Champions have their rings. Champs are encouraged to post their ring pics on social media when they are received.

Pictured here is Side A of the Show & Shine and Ride The Light rings.

4 Toy Drive Sound-off’s This Weekend

Our club is involved with 4 events this weekend to bring toys to deserving girls and boys.  Thanks to our Hosts, Sponsors, Judges, and the Competitors who bring it to the lanes, and share the spirit of the season.

The TN event in Goodlettsville has been postponed until 12/16 due to threat of very unpleasant and, potentially dangerous weather.

Click on the Name of the event to see the flier with details.

12/8Toys For TotsAlbuquerque, NM1X
12/9Santa’s Showdown Food & Toy DriveWinter Haven, FL2X
12/9SoundCheck Toy DriveLafayette, IN1X
12/9SoCal Toys for Tots 5Harbor City, CA1X

6 Events This Weekend

It’s the middle of November and we’ve got 6 events this weekend!

Saturday, 11/17
Lebanon, TN — FTC Cruise In & Hang Out
Smyrna Beach, FL — Camp Off 6 Day 1
Marion, IN — Bassgiving Show

Sunday, 11/18
Smyrna Beach, FL — Camp Off 6 Day 2
Columbus, OH — Before The Snow Fest
Quakertown, PA — Clear Vibrations Fall Fest

Please see the Event Schedule for complete information on each event.
Thanks to our hosts and sponsors for helping us to build a fun and fair 2019 season.