Happy Holidays to All

Thanks to the many MECAheads who have made 2018 memorable, in a good way. We’ve had a lot of activity and participation, and 2019 looks to be bigger and better, in a good way.
Best wishes to all for a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Thanks to Steve Cook from Audio X in Florence, AL for the Christmas tree pic.

2018 Championship Rings

MECA’s 2018 World Champions will be receiving 20th Anniversary commemorative rings in the next 2 – 3 weeks. 58 Champions rings represent all the club’s Formats and Classes: SQL, SPL, Show & Shine, MECA Kids, and Ride The Light. Thanks to the great people at Orion who sponsored the rings and made this special bonus for our competitors possible!

Complete pics of the tops of the 4 designs will be revealed when our Champions have their rings. Champs are encouraged to post their ring pics on social media when they are received.

Pictured here is Side A of the Show & Shine and Ride The Light rings.

4 Toy Drive Sound-off’s This Weekend

Our club is involved with 4 events this weekend to bring toys to deserving girls and boys.  Thanks to our Hosts, Sponsors, Judges, and the Competitors who bring it to the lanes, and share the spirit of the season.

The TN event in Goodlettsville has been postponed until 12/16 due to threat of very unpleasant and, potentially dangerous weather.

Click on the Name of the event to see the flier with details.

12/8Toys For TotsAlbuquerque, NM1X
12/9Santa’s Showdown Food & Toy DriveWinter Haven, FL2X
12/9SoundCheck Toy DriveLafayette, IN1X
12/9SoCal Toys for Tots 5Harbor City, CA1X

6 Events This Weekend

It’s the middle of November and we’ve got 6 events this weekend!

Saturday, 11/17
Lebanon, TN — FTC Cruise In & Hang Out
Smyrna Beach, FL — Camp Off 6 Day 1
Marion, IN — Bassgiving Show

Sunday, 11/18
Smyrna Beach, FL — Camp Off 6 Day 2
Columbus, OH — Before The Snow Fest
Quakertown, PA — Clear Vibrations Fall Fest

Please see the Event Schedule for complete information on each event.
Thanks to our hosts and sponsors for helping us to build a fun and fair 2019 season.

2018 SQL Champions

Congratulations to our 2018 SQL Champions!

Sound Quality Judged In Driver’s Seat, 3 Judge Average
Stock – Ronda Welch (Audio Intensity/Hybrid Audio), CA – 73.7
Street – Paul Adams (LEXService/JT Audio/Zapco), CA – 78.5
Modified Street – Kirk Proffitt (Audio Specialists/XS Power/Zapco), AL – 83.8
Modified – Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH – 82.2
Modex – Rob Bess (Team Audio Specialists ), KY – 84.3
Extreme – Tim Smith (Audio X/XS Power/Zapco), TN – 84.8
Master – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA – 82.7

Stock – Dan Arndt (Custom Audio), PA – 80
Street – Tony Horton, PA – 82
Modified – Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY – 92
Extreme – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA – 92

RTA Freq Out
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH – 37

SQ2– 2 Seat Judging
SQ2 – Tom Meyers (Hybrtid Audio), IL – 137.5
SQ2+ – Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY – 148.25

Culbertson Cup – Sound Quality Best of Show
Tim Smith (Audio X/XS Power/Zapco), TN

Alma Gates Cup – Sound Quality Best of Show (Lower 3 Classes)
Kirk Proffitt (Audio Specialists/XS Power/Zapco), AL

The Zenner – SQL Best of Show
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY

Install Best of Show
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY

Best of Best of Show
Charles Haley (ST6/High Voltage/Hybrid Audio/Sundown/XS Power), TN
Scores are based on 100 point score sheet for SQ and Install, 200 points for SQ2, and 40 points for RTA Freq Out

2018 Dueling Demos World Champions
Street+ – Sidney Wright (Team 614), OH
Modified – Randy Smith (Sudden Impact), IN
Extreme – Rafael Capone, GA
MECA Kids – Adysen Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC)

2018 SPL Champions

Congratulations to our 2018 SPL Champions!

SPL Best of Show – Brad Becraft (SoundCheck/#AINTLOUD), IN

Sound Pressure
Street 1 – Chris Caudel, KY – 147.94 dB
Street 2 – Salena Ballinger (SoundCheck/BOAB), KY – 150.05 dB
Street 3 – Chris Crane (SoundCheck/Team Sweep), IN – 152.96 dB
Street 4 – Kenneth Traughber (BOAB), KY – 154.54 dB
Street 5 – Oran Barkley (OSC), TN – 154.37 dB
Trunk 1 – Michael Powell (SoundCheck), IN – 150.8 dB
Trunk 2 – Jordan Smith, PA – 153.42 dB
Modified Street 1 – Jacob Potter (BOAB), IL – 151.75 dB
Modified Street 2 – Blake Irvin (BOAB), IL – 155.76 dB
Modified Street 3 – Brandon Montgomery (BOAB), IN – 156.26 dB
Modified Street 4 – Robert Kollar (Incriminator), FL – 160.1 dB
Modified 1 – Michael Davis (SoundCheck/BOAB), IN – 151.97 dB
Modified 2 – Teric Meza (FSA), TN – 154.22 dB
Modified 3 – Ryan Wheaton (BOAB), KY – 157.13 dB
Modified 4 – Patrick Lissner (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), TN – 160.51 dB
Modified 5 – Steve Mick (OH Generator), OH – 166.33 dB
Radical XC – David Tolbert (Limitless), AL – 156.38 dB
Radical XTC – Robert Windle (614), OH – 183.51 dB
Radical X – Jay Kough (dB Revolution/Sundown/XS Power), KY – 170.58 dB

Park & Pound
Park & Pound DB1 – Joe Melton, IL – 127.22 dB
Park & Pound DB2 – Derek Wiser (Imperial), OH – 130.65 dB
Park & Pound DB3 – Scott Bleeke (FlopBox), IN – 134.42 dB
Park & Pound DB4 – Don Ward (Imperial), PA – 135.78 dB
Park & Pound DB5 – Brad Newsome (Legends of Car Audio/US Acoustics), KY – 138.63 dB

MECA Kids MK1 – Adysen Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN – 153.68 dB
MECA Kids MK2 – Jerry Joe Osborn, Jr. (Poor Boy), IL – 153.02 dB
MECA Kids Park & Pound – Jesselin Young, PA – 127.94 dB

2018 Show & Shine Champions

Congratulations to our 2018 Show & Shine Champions!

Domestic Mild
Eric White (JC Designs/High Voltage), VA

Domestic Wild
Robin Sweeney, TN

Import Mild
Mark Brooks (Melodic/Zapco), GA

Import Wild
Charles G. Knight, OH

Truck Wild
Ken Reed, AL

Pedro Irizarry (OSC), TN

David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Steve-O (Mad Kreations), TN

Ride The Light
Best Interior – Rafael Capone, GA
Best Exterior – Rafael Capone, GA
MECA Kids – Alek Wiser (Imperial), OH

2018 World Champion Rings

Thanks to Orion, all SQL, SPL, MECA Kids, Show & Shine and Ride the Light World Champions will get rings.
We should have these to our Champions in 6 – 8 weeks.
I am asking all World Champs to please send in ring size and address, as soon as possible, so I can put this order together.
This is 50+ rings!

Please send to boomandzoom@comcast.net

This is part of our 20th Anniversary celebration, and we couldn’t have done it without Orion.

Congratulations and Thanks to our 2018 Club Awards Winners

These are some of the most active and involved Members of our club, and we recognize their valued participation and support.

MECAhead of the Year – Eric White (JC Designs/High Voltage), VA
Competitor of the Year – Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award – Steve Weigner (AudioBros), PA
Retail Member of the Year – SoundCheck, Lafayette, IN
SQL Rookie of the Year – Sean Scott (Linear Power), PA
SPL Rookie of the Year – Conehead (OSC), TN
2018 Distinguished Service Award – Vinny Taylor, TN
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Myers (ST6/AP), TN and
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Krystyan (#TeamSoLow/RS), TN and
Chad Smith (DSC), TN
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award – Michael Krystyan (#TeamSoLow/RS) TN and
Don McKinney (SPS), TN
Stinking Loud Award – Gorman Cassidy (Incriminator), AL
Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Chris Hansford (BOAB), KY
MECA Kids Neighborhood Nuisance Award – Jesselin Young, PA
Motormouth Award – Pedro Irizarry (OSC), TN
Survivor Award – Davy “Poptart” Weil (Too Loud/American Bass), TN
Johnny Appleseed Award – Stuart McNeal, LA
SPL Judge of the Year – Bud Ballinger, KY
SQL Judge of the Year – Matt Roberts, SC
Event Director of the Year – Allan Shaffer, TN
Team of the Year – High Voltage
Loud Spouses – Shanon & Carol Boom (RS), TN
SQL Spouses – Ronda & Scott Welch (Audio Intensity/Hybrid Audio) – CA
SQL Spouses – Mic & Lori Wallace (Arc Audio), NC
Judge Team of the Year – California
MECA Spirit Award – Greg Kelley (Kelley’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN
SPL Spirit Award – Douglas Hyden (High Voltage), NY
Show & Shine Spirit Award – Robin Noel, TN
Park & Pound Spirit Award – Derek Wiser (Imperial/RS), OH
Dueling Demos Spirit Award – Sidney Wright (614), OH
SQL Spirit Award – Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV
Manufacturer of the Year – XS Power
Best Press Coverage Award – 12 Volt News
Pioneer Award – Sunil Boodram, FL
2018 Venue of the Year – Slamology, Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis, IN
TCB (Takin’ Care of Business) Award – Linda Kobayashi, CA
12 Volt Industry Award – Audible Physics
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award – Larry Chijner (Hybrid Audio), PA
Best Penmanship – Grace Fitzpatrick, SC
High School Student of the Year – Selena Ballinger (Team SoundCheck/BOAB), KY
Commissioner’s Award – Klifton Keplinger – SQOLOGY
Judge Emeritus – Rick Washabaugh, KY