Brad Vanvalkenburg

Location: Michigan
Certification: Event Director – SPL Judge
Contact Info: 734-637-1027
[email protected]

MECA Michigan | Facebook

So, I was the kid who helped my friends hook up house speakers in the trunk when we were in high school…… 😊

I was the kid banging 2livecrew, run dmc and LL Cool J down the block in 1989……

Started working at Advanced Car Audio and State of the Art mobile audio soon after high school.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a time and place where cruising the strip was what we did…… it was around this time I went to my 1st competition in my 5.0 with a few tens on like 1K, I didn’t really catch the competition bug back then but it did set the stage for me later in life…. I had subscriptions to all of the car audio magazines!! And we had some very loud for the time mini trucks with walls, so I was motivated to start my own 1st actual build in my 4 door f-150, 4 kicker competition 12’s on some MMATS power…….. the fun we had……… 😎

Fast forward many many years and cars later, I have two girls now in high and middle schools and got I back into sounds innocently enough by throwing a couple of 12’s in my Yukon….

Joined a few Facebook audio groups, Went  to Slamology back in Summer of 19’ by myself, and my fate was sealed…… I knew I was gonna get LOUD!!! I met my good friend Mike Schurner by chance in the Slam parking lot when I needed to charge my phone because I had taken so many pics and videos, I got a phone charge from Mike and we talked about build plans………

Since that day, I have made countless friends and learned so much, experienced the glory of victory and the agony of defeat, been inspired by icons of the sport, felt the true meaning of sportsmanship and acceptance by my peers. Set and achieved goal after goal, attended as many shows as I could.

 I drove down to my 1st Soundcheck show, and again,  by fate I believe, met Shannon, Bud, RP and the crew at 1 a.m. and was immediately invited to join them for late night before the show testing session.

Something special happened that night, and that weekend……

 I experienced the MECA family.

Had a great time all weekend and this set my course for the future!

Went to my rookie finals in 2020 and placed 4th in two classes. 😃

Fast forward thru a whirlwind 2021 season, got my 1st 160+ no wall, and I was honored and humbled when Bud and Shannon asked me to take the lead position directing MECA events in Michigan.

 With the support of friends / fellow competitors, the Big 3 Shops in MI. A new journey begins…….

The biggest factor in my decision to take on the position is to give back the Meca experience that was so generously given to me, the help, encouragement, and love that was shown to me……. it is such a special thing, that it’s hard to describe in just words. I only hope that I can succeed in sharing that same feeling with others……

See you in the lanes!


2020 Michigan Meca SPL champion MS4
2020 Meca world finals 4th MS4
2020 Meca world finals 4th DB5
2021 Meca SPL Spirit Award
2021 Meca National points Champion MS4
2021 Meca World finals Rad-x 2nd
2021 Meca World finals MS4 2nd
2021 Db drag World finals Super Street – x 4th
2021 No wall Tahoe’s and Burbans Top ten list, 1st 162.99 outlaw kick
2021 Meca Kentucky State finals SPL best of show
2021 Meca Michigan State finals SPL best of show, windiest demo, & teams choice cup
2021 Meca Indiana State finals MS4 1st place