Bud Ballinger

Location: Kentucky
Certification: Owner – Event Director – SPL Judge
Contact Info: 615-851-PHAT
[email protected]

I have been hooked on not only car audio but MECA since I attended my first Loudest of Louisville event in 2001. I started competing in that event in 2003.
Shortly after, Shannon and I got together and I began to compete seriously, in 2007. It was all downhill from there. In 2009 we became the MECA Judges for Kentucky. From there, things just kept falling into place. We only dreamed we would be in this position at some point. I love my family and this club for continuously pushing me for all of these seasons! Truly, I would not be here without you guys!! I am excited and looking forward to continuing growing with our club, #MECAFAMILY!

SPL Rookie of the Year
MECA’s Member of the Month
Johnny Appleseed Award
MotorMouth Award
SPL Spirit Award
MECAhead of the Year
Loud Spouses
MECA’s Event Director of the Year x3
MECA’s Judge Team of the Year x2
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Awards
MECA Judge Emeritus
MECA Pioneer Award
2 MECA World Championships
2 MECA W.C. Runner up
TEAM Bangin On A Budget B.O.A.B. Founder & Captain
MECA’s Judges Hall of Fame