2018 Spring Break Nationals

The “World’s Most Famous Sound-off” is a month away and pre-registration is over on March 11th. Join our SPL and SQL Judge Crews for fun and games at the Daytona International Speedway, Saturday and Sunday, March 24/25th. The annual Spring Turkey Run car show is also part of the event, and there will be thousands of vehicles on display.
Thanks to Beyma and Ohio Generator for helping to sponsor the awards!

XS Power Batteries & MECA 2018

Thanks to the good folks at XS Power Batteries for their 2018 commitment to our club and contests.
XS Power will be the Tennessee Title Sponsor again for the 2018 season, helping with all events across the state, including the TN Soundfest – State Finals in late September.
Continuing support for the Finals Park & Pound awards is also part of the agreement, for the 7th straight year.
Team XS Power is strong in MECA with dozens of our members using XS batteries, accessories, and related installation gear.
Check out www.xspowerbatteries.com for info and product descriptions.

MECA Featured on VICE News

MECA Featured on VICE News

On Friday October 19th, Vice News featured a story about the 2017 MECA World Finals. Hours of footage was edited down to about five minutes featuring multiple MECA competitors and champions. Be sure to watch the video which is embedded with this post!

Check if you’ve qualified for 2016 Unified Finals

As in years past, we have setup a way to check and see if you have qualified to compete at the 2016 Unified Car Audio Finals and to pre-register using PayPal. To check and see if you’ve qualified, go to http://www.mecaevents.com, enter your member number and see if you’ve qualified!

(For those observant members, don’t freak out about the URL resolving to an IP address. I’m (the webmaster) working on moving everything to Amazon Web Services, and this is the new server things will be hosted on.)

Slamology Making Car Audio History

Our club is a featured part of the Slamology car show this weekend in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

100+ MECA members will gather with car audio enthusiasts and professionals for SQL and SPL contests.  We will be determining the best sounding,  best  installs, and loudest vehicles playing music, and those strictly playing for sound pressure with outrageous bass note volume levels.

Slamology features live music, a top-notch car, truck, and motorcycle show, and MECA is one of 3 sound-off organizations at the show.

Thanks to B2 Audio and Ohio Generator for co-sponsoring our awards.

Check it out at www.slamology.com and view MECA Event Results next week.


Ohio Generator Member Discount

Ohio Generator logo

Thanks to Tom at Ohio Generator for renewing the Manufacturer Membership for 2016, and committing to support for Slamology and our World Finals Soundfest in October.  Ohio Generator is world renowned for pioneering alternator upgrades for heavy duty applications, including car audio.

For MECA Members ordering from Ohio Generator, remember to tell them  you are with MECA and you will get a special price saving $50 – $100, depending on the unit.

We are proud to have Ohio Generator as one of our longest supporting Members.

Welcome Back to Xstatic!

Thanks to Ray at Xstatic, the makers of the famous Batcaps, for rejoining our club for 2016. Xstatic is a very popular power source for competitors in SPL and SQL.
Xstatic is a co-sponsor for Freezefest in TN on February 21st, and we thank Team Xstatic for the continuing support!

SQL Judge Training – February 20, 2016

Our annual SQL Judge Training session in Nashville is coming up, and we have room for 7 – 8 members for each session. There have been many requests for SQL Judge Training, so we are having morning and afternoon sessions at the studio. There is a fee of $125 per member, which includes listening/training at OmegaLab Studio and a symphony ticket. Members who would like to bring a Guest to the symphony may do so, and will only have to pay for the ticket, around $65 – $75. Judges will practice scoring in vehicles. We will select judges to work at Freezefest, the next day, from the best ears in the group.

Please contact Steve Stern at mecacaraudio@comcast.net or call 615-851-7428 to make reservations and arrangements. Click the image below for more details about the Nashville Symphony performance scheduled for that evening (or click here).



Paid Reservations

  • Tony Horton – PA
  • Brian Howell – TN
  • Allan Shaffer – TN
  • Wes Strickland – TN
  • Lumel Valadez – TX
  • Greg Weckerly – IN