CarTronics Sound-off Series Ignites TN Events Schedule

CarTronics, Nashville’s 3 store mobile electronics gurus, are joining with MECA to host 7 events at Tennessee Speed Sport during the 2018 season. The “CarTronics Sound-off Series” will feature SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests, along with dB Drag Racing contests. This is great news for all Members in Middle Tennessee, and Members up for a drive to Music City USA. The 2X events will be on Saturdays, and 3 3X events, including the TN Soundfest – State Finals, are on Sundays. And, showing support for our car audio community, XS Power Batteries is the Title Sponsor for all events in Tennessee. Please see flier for details for Freezefest in less than 2 weeks.

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Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary

MECA, the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, Inc., based in Nashville, TN, is building it’s Event Schedule for 2018. Over 200 events worldwide will be sanctioned by the club, with 150+ on track in the USA. MECA’s International Partners include China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Trinidad/Tobago, with an agreement with India pending.

MECA, acting in it’s capacity as a Trade Association, has 100+ USA Retail Member storefronts and 35 Manufacturer Members. With Retail membership only $75/year, and events costs usually below $500, MECA offers the most cost-effective and worthwhile program for industry promotion and brand building at the grassroots level.

The Sound Quality League (SQL) has been building participation and influence in the marketplace, especially since 2014 with improved, more clear and understandable rules and ease of participation, at all levels. The 2017 Finals brought together 79 SQL vehicles for SQL contests, the largest turnout in club history, up 21% since 2016. The focus of our listening tests is clarity and accuracy, and the ability to turn up the volume, with concert quality volume levels. We advocate precise, professional installations, with 4 classes based on complexity of design, in our SQL Install contest. Rule Book Link:

The Sound Pressure League’s 2018 SPL Rule Book has been posted and offers the best, fairest contests for sound pressure contests, in and out of the vehicle, with the focus on clarity and power of bass notes, and making loud and clear music. The TermLab Magnum meter is our Official SPL Meter and contributes to the legitimacy and accuracy of our contest results. Rule Book Link:

MECA events, at best, really are car/truck/motorcycle shows with music. Our Show & Shine car/truck/motorcycle contests are gaining popularity and a big part of our culture. The #1 thing-to-do in the USA centers around car/truck/motorcycle events, and visiting and participating in the activities. MECA’s new school Shine & Shine contest brings all kinds of motor vehicles together, as a celebration of all things automotive, and car audio is the star of the show. Our Ride The Light specialty lighting contest is a great fit for nighttime events. Every business in the industry benefits from the events that MECA oversees, and that’s part of the plan.

A big part of our club and the car audio sports culture are Teams: Independent, Retail, and Manufacturer Teams. The Teams are listed in the results of each competitor, and are very significant credentials for mobile electronics brands and businesses. To have a Team member earn MECA State Champion, or World Champion, status is a big thing. MECA’s entire program is aimed at bringing car audio people together and recognizing them for their individual and Team achievements.

MECA’s Event Coordinators, Directors, and Judges are trained to present our industry, our sport, our hosts and sponsors, and our competitors with professional, well run events that move along quickly, and are fun family events. They are the basis for the good we do in the lanes, and in our neighborhoods.

The club cooperates to involve our Retailers in charity and benefit events close to home, to build brand recognition, familiarity, and respect. Over 10% of the events we host each year are associated with charities and people in need. This is vital to business perception and warrants customer loyalty and repeat business.

MECA offers all this, and more, to our industry and creates pro-active opportunities for quality inexpensive promotions. Check out www.mecacaraudio for 100+ pages of info. For those who haven’t seen it, check out and search “vice news car audio” for the 5.5 minutes segment on HBO’s VICE News October 20th program, featuring MECA’s 2017 Finals, at the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY.

Contact the Commissioner at or call 615-851-7428 to ask questions, set up shows, and become part of the club.

2018 SPL Rule Book Link

Good news for our SPL competitors! The 2018 SPL Rule Book is complete and can be viewed and downloaded free at:

This is the best, most fair SPL Rule Book in our 20 year history. Clarifications we’ve made make it easier to understand the Sound Pressure League formats and divisions, class structure, and the Pressure Class Number system.

Thanks to our R&E Committee Members for their time and consideration given to further the goals of fairness and sportsmanship in our club and contest events.

2018 SPL Rule Book

Our 2018 SPL Rule Book is ready for club review. We will give this a few days to be seen and read by the members, and if there are any issues, we will review them. So, for our SPL competitors, please take a few minutes to go over the Rule Book, especially for class(es) you are preparing to enter at our events.

The link for review is:

Changes include clarifications and new text and rules. Here are the updates.
– Points required for Finals invite have been increased 5 points to 45 points. We have a new clause that allows for members who are challenged by geography to be considered for Finals participation, and also military and first responders are given due consideration because of limits their jobs have on travel and participation.
– Points required for State Championships have been increased 5 points to 25 points. To be State Champion, member must have 25 points at the end of the State or Regional Finals and have the highest score in the class in the state at that event.
– Street 5 unlimited class has been added.
– Pressure Class number brackets have been increased in all SPL Divisions except Street 1 – 4.
– MECA Kids MK1 and MK2 both are permitted to use 80 amp fuse.
– All sub-amp power wires must be clamped at 3X events and World Finals Soundfest. For 1X and 2X contests, with systems with multiple sub-amps, the Judge may select wire to clamp and use TermLab multiplier. This allowance will be removed in 2019. We are giving competitors time to adjust to the requirement for 3X events, and will clamp all power wires at all events in 2019.

Thanks to our R&E Committee members, especially Rick Washabaugh SPL Coordinator, and Richard Papasin who formatted the Rule Book and updated the text.

If you see any issues, please send your message to and we’ll review.

These Manufacturer Members Are 2018 State Title Sponsors

We are working on the Event Schedule for the 2018 season and approximately 100+ more shows will be added to the list.
A new program for Manufacturer Members is working out, with State Title Sponsorships being offered for the season. So far, for 2018, these Manufacturer Members are on-board for these 6 statea:
Alabama – Incriminator Audio
California – US Acoustics
Mississippi – Linear Power
North Carolina – Sundown Audio
Ohio – KnuKonceptz
Tennessee – XS Power

The Title Sponsorship participation fee goes 100% to the Event Directors to help pay for awards. The Manufacturer Member will be listed on all fliers and awards as the State Title Sponsor.

This is the time of year when sponsorship agreements are renewed, and we expect some new, but familiar, names to be added to our list. We still have 44 more states available for Title Sponsorships. When Manufacturer Members get their dealers and Team involved with hosting shows, this all works toward more awareness, understanding, and appreciation for what we do in MECA.

Thanks to the 6 visionary Manufacturer Members who are showing grassroots support in a BIG way!

2018 Car Audio Championship 10/13-14 Louisville, KY

Our Finals is once again help in cooperation and conjunction with the dB Drag Racing and IASCA.
Here is our Press Release:

MECA, IASCA and dBDRA Announce Unified Finals at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY on October 13-14, 2018

Car Audio Competition organizations dBDRA (dB Drag Racing Association), MECA (Mobile Electronics Competition Association) and IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) are once again joining forces to produce a unified finals event. The event will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center, during the weekend of October 13-14, 2018. This event will include all competitors from SQ to SPL and will allow for the opportunity to compete in multiple formats.

With the success of the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Car Audio Championship, the unified finals event continues for 2018. The event space will occupy over 110,000 square feet and will allow for the maximum allotted show times and we feel this will keep the competition running smoothly. In addition to the competition vehicles, there will be vendor booths along with show sponsorships as well.

“Every year, the strength of the Unified Finals effort continues to grow” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA “We’re proud to be part of our industry and to contribute to its success, along with such great organizations as dB Drag and MECA. Louisville in 2017 was a huge success; after the show last year, we all agreed that this would be the Unified Finals new home and we’re very excited to have secured the venue for 2018 and be able to announce it well in advance. We look forward to seeing all our fellow car audio enthusiasts in Louisville once again!”

“The dBDRA is super excited to be back in Louisville, KY. The Kentucky Expo Center is a great facility and seems to be centrally located for the competitors. This is a great venue for the FINALS and we are excited to be partnering with IASCA and MECA again this year. This collaborative effort amongst the organizations and competitors is a such a positive experience for the aftermarket auto sound and accessory industry.” Said dB Drag Racing Association Marketing Director, Celise Harris

Commissioner Steve Stern on the event: “Being a part of the united Car Audio Championship for 2018 is great news for our club members: Competitors, Retailers, and Manufacturers. We are building on the best season we’ve had in years, and the best Finals event in our 20 year history. We appreciate the cooperation and good will we share with dB Drag Racing and IASCA! We all work together to provide an exciting event for the mobile electronics industry. Everybody who loves car audio and related gear is invited to participate and enjoy our big car stereo party.

For more information on the event please contact the Commissioner.

MECA at CES Booth 3100 North Hall

CES starts today in Las Vegas, and MECA’s booth 3100 in the North Hall will be staffed by CA Event Coordinator Richard Papasin, his wife Linda Kobayashi, and TN Judges Heather and Allan Shaffer. Richard’s SQL vehicle will be on display and demos will be available throughout the show.
We have the 2018 CES Sound Showdown at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino on Saturday with 2X SQL and 3X SPL contests, sponsored by US Acoustics.
Stop by the MECA booth for a 2018 MECA Mad Scientists on Wheels pen and wrist band.

2018 Sound Pressure League Classes

After serious discussion and review, based on member feedback and suggestions, these are our 2018 Sound Pressure League Classes, listed below.
We left Street 1 -4 same as 2017, with the addition of Street 5 7501+ Unlimited.
Trunk systems T1 and T2 stay the same, and Trunk systems 4001 – 7500 may compete in Street 4, and Trunk 7501+ compete in Street 5. Depending on the installation and modifications, Trunk systems may also compete in MS3 or MS4, or Modified classes, and Radical X classes are also open to Trunk vehicles.
We all know that whatever we do will not be 100% welcomed or accepted by some competitors. R&E believes that we have a fair place to play for all systems (except pickup trucks with subwoofer box on front seat) for those willing to read the Rule Book and build to the rules. MECA’s SPL rules are unique to car audio sports and have paved the way for changes and improvements in the sport itself, historically, since 1999. This is our 20th season and our SPL program for serous competitors is the most fair and comprehensive we’ve offered.
The 2018 Rule Book text is being prepared and there are really no big changes there, or big surprises. We’ll try to have that ready in the next 2 weeks.
Any MECA Member whose sees changing classes as a necessity, and would like points transferred from early 2018 shows, should contact the Commissioner for review and update. If a member chooses to have points changed, they cannot ask to have the points changed again.
We will see how these classes work for 2018 and review again for 2019 One of the main considerations is number of competitors in each class at Finals. One sign that a class is working is when the class has 5 or more competitors entered at Finals.
Score sheets are at the printers and will be used at all future 2018 contests.
Thanks to everyone who provided input, and to our R&E members who did the work!

T1: 0-2000
T2: 2001- 4000

S1: 0-750
S2: 751-2000
S3: 2001-4000
S4: 4001-7500
S5 – 7501+ Unlimited

Modified Street
MS1: 0-2500
MS2: 2501-5000
MS3: 5001-10,000
MS4: 10,001+ Unlimited

M1: 0-1500
M2: 1501-3000
M3: 3001-6000
M4: 6001-10,000
M5: 10,001+ Unlimited

XTC: 0-4000
X: 4001+ Unlimited

Park & Pound
DB1: 0-1500
DB2: 1501-3000
DB3: 3001-6000
DB4: 6001-10,000
DB5: 10,001+ Unlimited

2018 CES Showdown – Las Vegas 1/13/18

Join Event Director Richard Papasin, Linda Kobayashi, Heather and Allan Shaffer, MECAheads, and lots of industry folks at the sound-off at the Texas Station Hotel & Casino on Saturday, January 13th. If the weather cooperates, this could be one of the biggest sound-off events in the USA in 2018.

This is a 2X SQL and 3X SPL event. Thanks to US Acoustics for helping to sponsor awards for the contests.

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes to all for a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season.

Thanks to our SQL, SPL, Show & Shine, MECA Kids, Boom & Zoom, and Ride the Light Competitors, our Retail Members, Judges, Event Coordinators, Event Directors, Manufacturer Members,and Fans who make MECAland a good place to be.


(Tree pic courtesy of Steve Cook, Team Audio X, AL)