2018 World Finals Soundfest Competitor List

The following are paid preregistered qualified Members who will be competing at our 2018 Finals event in Louisville, KY on the weekend of October 12 – 14, 2018.
Only paid preregistered Members who are qualified for their SQL or SPL classes are permitted to enter the contest.
Registration will be on-site for the Ride The Light contest and 2019 2X Kickoff event for both SQL and SPL. We will probably open a pre-register site for that, too, in about a week.
The Commissioner will update the entrants list as required, until the cut-off date on October 7th. The list will be complete and Final by 10/09, and this post will be locked.
Thanks to all our Members who participated in our contests and supported our events. For those who qualify, this is the BIG SHOW, and we will make this 20th Anniversary Finals most memorable.

Last update: 9/19 @ 4:10 PM, Central Time
vehicle Count: SQL 32 SPL 15 MECA Kids 1 Show & Shine: 4

Sound Quality League

Sound Quality
Dan Arndt (Custom Audio), PA
Chuck Whitney (Custom Audio), PA

Joe Davis (SSQ/AP/Dayton), OH
Jones Douglass (High Voltage/US Acoustics), NC
Brian Gill (ST6/MSE/JL Audio), TN
Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL
Chris Roscart, FL
Jeremy Wright (Audio X), TN

Modified Street
Marsha Beeler (ST6/High Voltage/Hybrid Audio), TN
Pamela Leal, MX
Timothy Sutton (Hybrid Audio), IN

Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Jeff Arkema, GA
Leonardo Leal Guerrero, MX
Bruce Miller (Audio X/SSQ/AP/Zapco), WV

Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
George Garcia, RI
Bill Gunsallus, PA

Erin Hardison (Audio X/AudioBros/MSE), AL
Gerald Costa, MA
Steve Head (audionutz), FL
John Kiser, SC
Ignacio Torres, MX
Steve Weigner (AudioBros), PA

Mike Allen (Audio Specialists), TN
Natan Budiono, MI
Leonard Day, PA
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA
Mike Nicholls (US Acoustics), CA

Stock Install
Chuck Whitney (Custom Audio), PA

Street Install
Jones Douglass (High Voltage/US Acoustics), NC
Pamela Leal, MX

Modified Install
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Leonardo Leal Guerrero, MX

Extreme Install
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA

RTA Freq Out
Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Jones Douglass (High Voltage/US Acoustics), NC
Leonardo Leal Guerrero, MX
Pamela Leal, MX
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA

Tom Meyers (Hybrid Audio), IL

Rob Bess (Audio Specialists), KY
Natan Budiono, MI
Robert Corwin (Audio Specialists/OH Generator), OH
Maggie Head (audionutz), FL
Ignacio Torres, MX

Dueling Demos Street+

Dueling Demos Modified
Greg Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC)
David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Dueling Demos Extreme

Dueling Demos MECA Kids
Adysen Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC)

Sound Pressure League

Street 1

Street 2
Jones Douglass (High Voltage/US Acoustics), NC

Street 3
Nick Bowser (FlopBox), IN
Charles Stroud (WSF), TN
David Wallace (BOAB), AL

Street 4
Brandon Sumpter (B2 Audio), IN

Street 5

Trunk 1

Trunk 2
Jeffrey Sanford, IN

Modified Street 1

Modified Street 2
Scott Bleeke (FlopBox), IN
Blake Irvin (BOAB), IL

Modified Street 3
Master Will, GA

Modified Street 4
Monte Tucker (Orion), VA

Modified 1

Modified 2
David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Modified 2

Modified 4

Modified 5
Greg Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN

Radical XCz
David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Radical X
Chase Breedwell (TC Designs), OH
Gorman Cassidy (Incriminator), AL

Radical XC
David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Robert Windle (614), OH

Park & Pound DB1
Charles Stroud (WSF), TN

Park & Pound DB2
Nick Bowser (FlopBox), IN
Jones Douglass (High Voltage/US Acoustics), NC
David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Park & Pound DB3
Scott Bleeke (FlopBox), IN

Park & Pound DB4
Master Will, GA

Park & Pound DB5
Chris Evans, KY
Greg Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN
Brad Newsome (Legends of Car Audio/US Acoustics), KY

Adysen Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN


MECA Kids Park & Pound
Adysen Kelley (Kelly’s Garage/High Voltage/OSC), TN

Ride The Light

Show & Shine

Domestic Mild
Chris Roscart, FL

David Tolbert (Limitless), AL

Import Mild
George Garcia, RI

Import Wild
Brian Mitchell (Arc Audio), CA

2018 Club Awards Voting Begins Now

Please take a few minutes to review our list of annual awards, and send in your nominations to the Commissioner at mecacaraudio@comcast.net. Voting is for MECA Members in good standing only. Recipients are MECA Members in good standing. Most award titles are self-explanatory. Vote for all, or vote for only the ones you are comfortable with.
Votes must be sent by October 1st, so there are more than 2 weeks allowed for this process.
We’ve had a great season, and now we are going to honor those among us who are stand-out Members. Whether they are friends or foes, these are the Members who demonstrate what fair and fun contests are all about, and bolster the club with their participation and support.

MECAhead of the Year –
Competitor of the Year –
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award –
Retail Member of the Year –
SQL Rookie of the Year –
SPL Rookie of the Year –
2018 Distinguished Service Award –
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
SPL Hatfield & McCoy Award –
SQL Dueling Demos Hatfield & McCoy Award –
Stinking Loud Award –
Neighborhood Nuisance Award –
Motormouth Award –
Survivor Award –
Johnny Appleseed Award – Member who travels to promote MECA events
SPL Judge of the Year –
SQL Judge of the Year –
Event Director of the Year –
Team of the Year –
Loud Spouses –
SQL Spouses –
Judge Team of the Year –
MECA Spirit Award –
SPL Spirit Award –
Show & Shine Spirit Award –
Park & Pound Spirit Award –
Dueling Demos Spirit Award –
SQL Spirit Award –
Manufacturer of the Year –
Best Press Coverage Award –
Pioneer Award – Usually a judge who helps developing new shows in new places
2018 Venue of the Year –
TCB (Takin’ Care of Business) Award – The all-around Member who competes, helps at events, and works pro-actively for the club.
12 Volt Industry Award –
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award –
Best Penmanship –
High School Student of the Year –

2018 Finals Pre-registration Open

MECA Members who are planning a trip to our World Finals Soundfest, part of the Car Audio Championship are now able to check their class(es) status, and register for the event. The event is the weekend of October 12 – 14th, with judging on Saturday and Sunday, with judging beginning at 8:30 AM each day. All QUALIFIED Members who compete in SPL and SQL contests must complete this preregistration by October 7th. No SPL or SQL registrations for Finals contests will be taken on site.
Members can go to www.mecacaraudio.com and click on Events, then Events and Results, and then look to the menu on the left for the Finals Check option, and follow the instructions. You will be sent an email with your Invitation and RSVP for pre-registration. Select your classes, and T-shirt size, and fee will be sent via PayPal to mecacaraudio@comcast.net or send via USPS to: MECA, Inc. 5308 Brick Church Pike, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.
If you have an issue, please let me know at mecacaraudio@comcast.net or call the Finals Hotline 615-851-7428.
Qualified Members may do 3 contests for the $165 entry fee. This would include The Zenner (SQL BOS), and SPL competitors who cross over to Dueling Demos, or a SQL class. If there is an issue signing up for 3 contests, please register 2 and send payment, and send message to me to add the 3rd class. There may be glitches in the signup process at first, so please let me know if there are issues.
If you do more than 3 contests, the extra one is $65. Show & Shine will feature bigger awards for $50 entry. MECA Kids are $50 for all MECA Kids audio classes, with adult Member entry.
You may sign up for Ride the Light and Show & Shine contests, or sign up at the show.
We also will offer the 2019 2X Season Kick-off for SQL and SPL competitors. Sign up at the show.
If anyone knows of a Member who does not have internet service, please help us out and let them know about this and get them on a computer. If necessary, I can mail hard copies of the Invitation and RSVP to Members who do not have internet service.
MECA Members are encouraged to check their Points standings and contact mecacaraudio@comcast.net for adjustments.
We are looking forward to a HUGE event and have great judges lined up for all contests.
We appreciate our Members’ dedication and participation and are working to make this 20th Anniversary Finals the best one yet.

Happy Labor Day Weekend – 2 Events

We have 2 events on Saturday, September 1st

Brutal Sounds hosts their SPL Smackdown in Geismar, LA with Stuart McNeal in charge of the SPL lanes.

MECA oldest Independent Team, Wall Street’s Finest, hosts the 2nd benefit of the year for the Lebanon High School Bowling Team, at the school, with 1X Dueling Demos contest only. All proceeds benefit the Bowling Team. Chris Gregory is in charge of the event.

Thanks to those who work to make MECA a good thing. That’s everyone: Competitors, Judges, Event Directors, Hosts, Sponsors, Retail Members, and Manufacturer Members.

Busy Weekend for the Club – 8 USA Events

We have 8 events over the weekend. Saturday features the Georgia Soundfest – State Finals at Haley’s Day Fundraiser in Valdosta. Sunday is Amboy Depot Days hosting our IL Soundfest – State Finals.

08/25/18 Georgia State Finals – Haley’s Day Fundraiser Valdosta, GA 3X
08/25/18 Beat The Heat Taylorville, IL 2X
08/25/18 Fall Classic Goodlettsville, TN 2X
08/25/18 SQOLOGY Sound FX Lewes, DE 2X
08/26/18 SoundCheck Fall Jam Lafayette, IN 2X
08/26/18 Bring The Thunder V New Kensington, PA 2X
08/26/18 SQOLOGY Driven Chantilly, VA 2X
08/26/18 Amboy Depot Days – IL Soundfest – State Finals Amboy, IL 3X

4 USA Events This Weekend – State Finals Events Begin

We have 4 events this weekend, including the Sundown Show on Saturday at the Hickory Motor Speedway. This event marks the beginning of our Soundfest program, otherwise known as State Finals. For NC and SC Members who are qualified and compete at the Sundown Show, this will be their opportunity to secure their class(es) State Championship title(s). Members from VA may also earn their State Championship(s) at this event.
A 2X event on Friday night at Sundown HQ will feature only Sound Pressure and Sound Quality contests. Allan and Heather Shaffer will be handling the contest lanes at both events.

We also have the 2nd Loudest In Louisville event of the season, with Bud & Shannon Ballinger at new Retail Member Twenty1 Customs. The Loudest In Louisville event goes back to the 1st MECA event in 1999, at the Carl Casper Auto Show, and has a history of bringing out the loudest vehicles in KY and IN. All are invited to compete and watch the contests.

On the West Coast, we have Hot Import Nights in San Jose at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. Richard and Linda Papasin will be heading up the Judge Posse for this 2X contest. The HIN events are premier car shows and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with this event. The eye candy that’s on display will impress the most discerning auto enthusiasts.

See the event fliers for complete info by clicking on the underlined Name
of the event on the Event Schedule, posted on this site.

6 USA Events This Weekend

The World Famous Steel Valley Regional is reborn this weekend in West Virginia, featuring 3X SQL, SPL, and Show & Shine contests. Thanks to Larry Chijner for taking the time and doing the work to make this happen. We have a stellar Judge Team handling the weekend’s festivities.
Dino’s AV in Greensboro, NC is hosting a 1X Sound Pressure only event at The Unity Event Center, as part of the Gate City Summer Showdown.
SoundCheck keeps the IN sound-off fires stoked with the Super Summer Snow in Lafayette. Bud and Shannon Ballinger are in charge of the MECA lanes.
And, Tennessee has 3 events this weekend, 2 2X in East TN with Allan and Heather Shaffer, and the JRI Summer Jam in Lewisburg with the Commish and Crew.

07/28 – 07/29/18 SQOLOGY Steel Valley Regional New Cumberland, WV 3
07/28/18 Gate City Summer Showdown Greensboro, NC 1
07/28/18 Street Dreams Car & Bike Show Knoxville, TN 2
07/29/18 East 10 Drift Sound-off Bristol, TN 2
07/29/18 SoundCheck Super Show Lafayette, IN 2
07/29/18 JRI Summer Jam Lewisburg, TN 2

Welcome Limitless Lithium

Check out our newest Manufacturer Member at www.limitlesslithium.com to see what’s new with their batteries and accessories.
We welcome Team Limitless to the lanes and have many MECA Members who will want to add the Team to their list of credentials and results.
The club appreciates the support and looks forward to our event together on August 4th in Georgia. This will be a 3X Sound Pressure League only event. More details TBA.
For those who want to be on Team Limitless officially, contact Chris or Matt through the web site Contact link at www.limitlesslithium.com

6 USA Events This Weekend

If you are in driving distance of one of these shows, try to make it. Our events are bigger than they’ve been in 10 years, louder for sure, and the SQL systems are impressive, even the “lover” classes. See the club flier by clicking on the underlined Name of the event, and the flier will pop up – on the Event Schedule.

07/21/18 Summer Showdown Goodlettsville, TN 2X
07/21/18 Cougar Media Blitz III Blountville, TN 2X
07/21/18 Off the Streetz 4 Grudge Racing & Stereo Show La Rue, OH 2X
07/21 – 07/22/18 4th Annual Showcase and Bass Competition Jacksonville, FL 3X
07/22/18 Deep South Academy Benefit Show Slidell, LA 2X
07/22/18 Loudest In Louisville I Louisville, KY 2X