Chad Bleeke

Location: Indiana
Certification: Event Director – SPL Judge
Contact Info: [email protected]

I love car audio. I think the thing I like most about it is helping my fellow competitors and team mates finding gains. And helping people with their build. I also play video games when I’m not doing car audio stuff.

I also enjoy long romantic walks on the beach enjoying the sunset. Well I have never done that but I feel like I would enjoy. 

2016 trunk 2 runner up 2nd
2017 trunk 2 wc
2017 pnp4 4th
2017 team of the year
2018 pnp2 runner up
2018 trunk 1 3rd
2019 s4 5th
2020 trunk 2 3rd
2020 rad xc 3rd
2020 judge team of the year
2021 radx street 3rd
2021 trunk 2 runner up
2021 spl judge of the year