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$40/year or $50/year with 2 Club CD's:  SQL Tantric Tuning and SPL Test CD

If you are reading this, then you are most likely very interested in the mobile electronics industry.  Car audio and security products, and the competitions focused on the installation, quality, and performance of these systems is an important part of your life.  Welcome to MECA and the group of dedicated 12-volt professionals and enthusiasts who share your interest and passion for the mobile electronics sports.

Our events are designed to bring together ALL interested enthusiasts to a fair, unbiased, and fun forum that stresses participation, education, and recognition for excellence in our two separate leagues.  The SPL, Sound Pressure League, brings the competitors together on an even playing field that takes into account BOTH woofer surface area AND realistic amplifier power ratings.  The SQL, Sound Quality League, provides the 100 point car/truck scoresheet.  This should standardize the concepts of outstanding acheivement in the scoring of installation and overall sound quality in every vehicle.

We bring together experienced 12-volt professionals - trustworthy judges and officials - and the enthusiasts who depend on accurate and consistent evaluation, for our events.  We have chosen the TermLab Magnum as the most reliable RTA meter for our SQL “RTA Freq Out” contest.
The TermLab Magnum is our official meter for all SPL contests.
Our intention is to listen, respond, and serve our membership to improve the level of competition and enhance the perception of 12-volt sports and those involved.