Dalton Rodgers

Location: Xenia, OH
MECA Certifications: SPL Judge
Contact Information: 937-591-3779
[email protected]
Facebook profile link: https://www.facebook.com/DATLON.RODGERS

Hello my name is Dalton Rodgers. I am a 3x certified MECA SPL judge and competitor. Music has been a cherished part of my life. My first true competition vehicle was a build in honor of my mother, who unfortunately passed away while I was young. Through competing with her truck, I was able to continue to share my passion with her, and continue to build precious memories. MECA has given me a new family, and helped me over come many tough times in life. This love and support drives me as a judge. My goal is to pass along that feeling of love to the next generation in the lanes. I hope to see everyone in the 2022 season, to become a certified SQL judge, and help with the new Journey the league has begun!”

2017 Ohio State Finals- Modified 1 first place