Dan Black

Location: Ohio
Certification: SPL Judge
Contact Info: [email protected]


My name is Danny Black, or as some of you know, “Deez Nuts.” haha. A small back story to the nic name,…it started about 18 years ago when I entered it as my name while bowling and stuck around for various usernames on game consoles. I first got into car audio when I was 14. My cousin called me and told me to listen for him in his 84 camaro and was coming to pick me up. He had two of the original Kicker L7 12s on an old school Memphis 1100D. I was instantly hooked and by the time I was 16, I had him helping me install my first few systems before eventually catching a few things on fire when I went on my own. 

Fast forward about 6-7 years and I met my long-time brother Sidney Wright through craigslist when buying a Rockford t3000. We became close friends and opened up a small audio shop in Columbus and that’s where I met a lot of competitors and then judge, Will Penn. Will helped mentor me when I first started competing and I eventually joined Team Clearly Louder. Once I showed some ambition and hard work,  The Street King, Joe Ault, took me under his wing and taught me some of the ways of SPL and I became a State Champion multiple times, points champion, and eventually a World Champion. 

During my MECA tenure, I helped judge under Will Penn and Geoff Schneider until Sid became the director and then got certified under the former MECA CEO, Steve Stern as a 3x SPL judge. My love for MECA has done nothing but grow over the years and I joined Team 614 where I currently reside as the Team Captain along with my unbiological brother, Michale Madison, the Southern Chapter Captain. 

As a competitor and judge, I look at rules as a competitor first, judge second in order to accurately and fairly help put on good shows for all of you. I believe in having fun in everything you do, so don’t be surprised if you see me joking around and most likely giving you a good awkward hug haha. I look forward to seeing all of you in the lanes, both as a competitor, and a judge. Lets have some fun!!!