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What is the name of your show, where is it and when?

Send the specific address along with the name of the place it’s being held.

Cass County Showdown I
May 15, 2022
Cass County Fairgrounds
590 N Okeefe St. Cassopolis, MI 49031

Will you offer all formats?

We know some locations are not eligible for all formats. If you do not plan to offer all formats, let us know. Otherwise we will assume they’re offered.

Show timeline

What time will registration start/ gates open? What time does SQL start? What time does SPL start/lanes open? 

Demo friendly

Unless told otherwise we will assume there’s a $30 dollar demo fee. If you are hosting a demo friendly show let us know!

Awards and sponsors

Will you have trophy awards? Do you have a sponsor? All manufacturers and retailers MUST be MECA manufacturer or retail members to be advertised on official MECA website, Social media, fliers and or any awards. If they meet the criteria please tell us who and send their logo! If they’re showing us some love, we should return the favor. 

Additional Info?

Is there anything extra you’d like on the flier or advertised? Raffles, swap meets, donation drives, multi-org, etc.

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