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These brands support what we do.  We appreciate the wise and helpful people who make good things happen for our club and
events, contests, Retail Members, and Competitors.

Term-LAB – The Official SPL Meter of MECA


MECA is proud to recognize the TERM-LAB USB SPL Meter the official meter for the MECA Sound Pressure League!  The
TERM-LAB USB meter, used by
NASA to measure the Sound Pressure Level of the Space Shuttle at launch
 is used at all 2x and 3x point events to
ensure accurate results.

BassMekanik – High Performance Bass Tracks, Test Tones and Sweeps


If you’ve been involved in car audio at any point in the last 15 years, you’ve probably heard of the BassMekanik!
Known as one of the premier sources for the lowest thump, the heaviest beats, and the SPL Toolkit of sine wave,
sweeps and frequency specific tones, the Bass Mekanik has caused many a blown sub and created many
champions!  MECA worked with BassMekanik to provide the best SPL test CD possible, the MECA SPL Test CD.  And, in
2009, MECA premiered BassMekanik 808 with a special club edition.  MECA is proud to partner with BassMekanik!

New Press Release

May 12, 2010


The Bass Mekanik, one of the pioneers of bass music and a major influence on the currently hot Crunk sound
announces the release on May 18th of I ROCK BASS, a new 17 track release inspired by the Electro music that
shaped the original Bass Mekanik style.

The new sound of “I ROCK BASS” features elements of Dance, Hip Hop and Electronica with a hint of Rock to spice
up the mix. Production partner DJ BILLY E comes along for the ride and adds his own touches of street style
crunk and turntable funk.

As usual there is a wide variety of bass sounds and frequencies on the new album, cleanly recorded and at high
levels, making this another excellent system checker for fans of bass and car audio.

The new album will be available digitally worldwide from all regular online retailers including;itunes, Amazon,
emusic, Sprint, Verizon & ATT.

MECA Announces Partnership with

To get the MECA Discount at please use this code:

Please place order 3 weeks before your event or before the required date.  There is special pricing for MECA
Members on the sponsor plates and circles.

Orders are shipped from Jacksonville, FL.

Mobile Soundstage Engineering Partners with MECA

MSE Logo small

Mark Eldridge is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable Competitors in car audio sports.  His credentials are
impressive, but he is still accessible to anyone who loves our sport and wants to improve their comprehension and
scores regarding high performance car audio systems.  Mark’s seminars are intensive and comprehensive concerning car audio system design, construction, tuning, and understanding music. is the best way to contact Mark.

Amplifier and Electronics Repair


Need an amplifier or other electronics repaired?  Use TIPS!

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